Photoshop Tutorial: How to Outline a Photo Easily


Outline photos are used by youtuber to creating their video thumbnail.. Learn how to do it in photoshop through this tutorial..
Download Model Image:



  1. whenever i clicked stroke the size of the outline was too big and changing the size to 1 wasn't small enough, help

  2. hi, i have followed these exact steps but it is outlining the whole of my picture and not the image in have outlined with the wand (the person in the image) it is doing around the full original picture 🙁 any ideas what i could be doing wrong or need to please?

  3. 잘 보고 갑니다. 한국에서 자주 보는 썸네일에 어떻게 하나 궁금했는데, 금방 해결했네요.

  4. If you are so shy you can’t even talk in your own Vid, please see a psychologist to fix the problem. It may irritate everyone that you don’t explain what you are doing. If you don’t know English, just speak in your other language!


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