Photoshop For Photographers – Episode 18: Adding a Border to an Image


This is the 18th episode of “Photoshop For Photographers”. This free video series is brought to you by:

There are many ways to add a border to an image with Photoshop. In this video, I demonstrate how I prefer to do it on two different images with a slight variation between the two.

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  1. Anthony, thanks to all the great videos you put out. It's now like my bible for LR and Photoshop. One thing I think will be very beneficial to add to this topic is to show how to create mat effect. I have seen many ways online how to do it but its very dis organized and not complete like your videos. I would like to learn how you do it.

  2. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I have done this before following these instructions and it has work but this time no matter what I do it turns the whole image the color I'm trying to get.

  3. Thanks . Great way to make borders length but once you know how to do it they a great way and very flexible.Thanks great man as usual.

  4. Thank you, clearly explained. I notice that you are working on jpeg's. Is that because you do not want to work on your original file? To work on the original file would you copy the background layer and work from there? What if there already are multiple layers?

  5. I am fairly new @ photoshop, but your videos make me feel like a pro, thanks as always, your videos r the best in the category.

  6. another excellent video Anthony. glad to see your Photoshop for photographers series back. congratulations on your new studio. looking forward to seeing your new videos out of it. thanks again for this great video.


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