Paris – Moulin Rouge show and dinner


Combine the spectacular Moulin Rouge show with dinner during your time in Paris!

Enjoy an evening at the Moulin Rouge with a delicious 3-course dinner and a sensational cabaret for your viewing pleasure. Tickets sell out every night, so be sure to pre-book your tickets today at

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  1. En tout cas.. Ça c'est pour les riches qui essuient leurs fesse avec les billets de 200€… Les pauvres à substenir… 😁😁😁😁😁

  2. I was there a while ago, back in 1999 – big corporate event. I recall it being very plush, antique, and yet thoroughly modern in terms of the excellent cuisine and wine choices. I was not paying, and the prices were – wow – $$$$$$ !! However, this was back in the day when one could be entertained like this. Not now. You'd have the ethics police breathing down ya neck if you accepted a cheap coffee and yesterday's doughnuts. Everyone should strive to visit though. A triple A+ experience.

  3. Paris's every souls are guidance with citizens people's lives obviously blessed to God's hands of tomorrow's pray for goodness Omega .

  4. Wouldn't walk across the street to watch it. Millennials and Generation X-ers don't know their ass from a hole in the ground about running a Cabaret Show.

  5. FYI the website is a little misleading, but my french isn't very good so maybe it was just lost in my translation BUT…
    the website makes it look like there are three shows:
    a 7:00pm "Dinner + Show"
    a 9:00pm "Show"
    and a 11:00pm "Show"
    the 7pm dinner and the 9pm show are the same show, the dinner just seats you two hours early during which live music is playing. i showed up early and eat kinda quickly so i ended up waiting over an hour for the show to actually start


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