Orico Dual 3.5 inch USB 3.0 RAID Hard Drive Enclosure


Orico Dual 3.5 inch USB 3.0 RAID Hard Drive Enclosure … part of their 9528 Series.

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Recorded with the Sony RX10 II.

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  1. @1:10 – Normal = Separate Drives (in the one enclosure) ? – For example .. I have 2 x 3TB drives installed so therefore system will see 2 x 3TB drives? Sorry if this sounds a simple question but you skipped over "Normal" setting. Many thanks!

  2. I know this video is pretty old, but does anyone know if the box contains an EU power plug or only UK or US?

  3. Hi Can I ask can I already use a drive with data and a new drive and mirror the drive with data using raid 1? Any help gladly appreciated

  4. I have an orico 5 bay enclosure but about 4 years old. I have had a hard drive crash and not sure which one it is and not sure how to check, nor how to change it without losing all memory on the other drives still working. Any thoughts?

  5. I currently have drive set to RAID 1 (Mirrored), can I switch it to "BIG" and not lose whats already there? I'm running out of storage and need more. Thanks!!

  6. I'm very new to these devices but is there a way where you can save something to one hard drive and it automatically saves it to both hard drives at the same time

  7. I do like this device, simple solution for those who do not want a NAS or do not understand how a NAS works, I know a few people I will be recommending this too. Awesome video Dave.


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