Opening YuGiOh Cards With My Girlfriend | Search for Borrelsword Dragon


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  1. Hey Guys! SimplyUnlucky here!
    We are trying new things with SUTV, I hope you enjoy the video, new videos are coming!

  2. Suggestion: let her do a video by herself ! Doesnt need a face cam, only a hand cam. Her commentary on the cards would be amusing… what she values and has to say will be very different compared to other yugitubers… have her open a classic set maybe !!

  3. Your gf is definetely an earth sign. I hear the discipline in her voice.

    Good choice Mr. Gothaus.

    I might buy this booster set for fun now.

  4. I came second place in the cybernetic horizon sneak peak with an incredible Demise/ruin supreme/little ritual deck. I actually pulled a lot of high level monsters that would've been bricks if not for the ritual strategy.

  5. Why do I feel like his girlfriend was that one girl that commented on his past videos from a few years ago and would say things like, “Love your beard” or “Hey handsome”

  6. So here's what I learned from this video: 100 packs of CYHO + girlfriend + opening packs together = 2 X Borrelsword Dragon???

  7. Roman love that you are comfortable sharing your gf in this video it’s nice to see as one of your fans to see you open up behind the scenes a little if you will! Love the vids keep it up!


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