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Three years ago Eamon and I started Chaiwala from a basement apartment. After a year of transporting goods up and down stairs and piling boxes to the ceiling, Eamon snuck out of the house to look at office spaces. While the budget-queen in me wasn’t impressed I knew we needed to have our own space if we were ever going to grow so HERE WE ARE! We really hope you enjoy this tour of our office located in Toronto, Ontario.
Stick around until the end for some silly bloopers 😉

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Who are we?

We’re Eamon and Bec, a Toronto-based couple who live full-time in our self converted Sprinter Van!! SUBSCRIBE for wanderlust travel, behind the scenes of what it’s really like to live in a van, and videos all about the yummy vegan food we make + eat!

We post new videos every Wednesday + Sunday AND a new, easy vegan recipe every Friday 🙂

Our goal here is to inspire you to chase after your own dreams however big (or small… tiny homes anyone?) they may be! We hope to create a community of like-minded, positive individuals who will grow to love and support one another on their own journeys.

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  1. Hi everyone! Thanks for touring our office space. Just a gentle reminder that this is our place of work and is not open to the public. If you'd like to come meet us at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto the dates are Nov. 22 – Dec 2 2018 🙂

  2. Good Morning Eamon  & Bec, Good Morning as it is 6:35 here in Watertown NY.  I mainly have one thing I need to clear with you and your business,  I believe I did not receive my complete order when I ordered for the Thanksgiving order, I believe. You gave a % off, which I am grateful for, but there is one thing left out of my order which is the beginner tea pack which has the tea, the colander and the pitcher.  I was looking forward to receiving that set and never have.  I figure you may be in back order so I waited this long to send you this message, and now nearly 20 days into the month of January, I still have not received my beginner pack.  I would like to know what is going on.  I am enjoying your tea blend very much, as I have your tea most mornings as do you, but I was looking forward to the small pitcher.  Please respond as soon as you can.  I do try my best to support a small business such like yours, so please to not have me feel as though as have made an error in judgement. And when is your next post?  Have a blessed day, and keep striving forward to make your business thrive.   Lu. (

  3. Totally inspirational. I love your demo table with the steamer and bar spray thingy. How are you steaming milk in the van? Isn't an espresso machine a big power draw? Or do you have a stovetop style? Or some camping type solution?

  4. Wot, no shower? Do you guys ever wash? LOL. Thought you might have a shower in your office place since you don't have one in your van for when you are living/working there.

  5. I am planning my first van build myself and when I found your channel I thought y’all were so rad. I wanna support you two and get my chai from ya. Is your chai vegan?

  6. Just ordered some of your chai! I can't wait to try it (especially the latte)! It looks delicious. What made Eamon (& yourself) choose chai as a business venture in the first place?


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