NOW TV 4K Smart Box with Voice Search – Any Good?


NOW TV 4K Smart Box with Voice Search
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  1. Just buy a Roku box and that will have the same interface, same 4K capabilities and will have Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV…

  2. A quick point: do not watch 'live' TV, as you get the adbreaks which you don't when you watch the shows on demand.

    Also: I have an older Now box, and it does NOT have Freeview on it. As a cheap thing, sure it's fine but the lack of flexibility to download other UK catch-up apps (eh for the Horror Channel, the new d-play etc) is INFURIATING! I want all my stuff on one thing, y'dig?

    Anyway, I've been happy but limited with mine.

  3. Question please…is ROKU, meaning a device WITH the word ROKU on it available in Italy or anywhere in Europe or not? or is it by the SKY Box powered by Roku?……. whichever the answer is….where to buy?…….also, can you add ROKU channels to it or just proprietary ones by SKY ? Meaning NO IPTV allowed?

  4. I can’t believe if you have sky sports or whatever packages with your sky subscription they are totally separate and would Be charged again!! 🤯

  5. What is the point of this NOW TV 4K Smart Box when sky only transmits in 720p and I can not find any reference to it up-scaling you may as well use the streaming stick or keep the old box


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