New York Gov. Cuomo Extends State Shutdown To May 15 | NBC News


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo holds a briefing on the coronavirus pandemic as it spreads across New York state, which has the most positive cases in the United States.

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NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News


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  1. The questions ask is just third grade questions. " Are you trying to control the world telling them to wear a mask?" WHAT! Question
    " you said it could take 18 months for a vaccine will we have to still do social distancing ? WHAT! DId you not hear the mask question ?

  2. Why keep saying it is getting better when many elderly people are dying in nursing homes, no wonder why people wants to go and work and don’t want to follow directions because everyday you say is getting better so why people must stay at home…some doctors are really good and give their lives for others but some of them work only for the money 💰, teachers are heroes too because they are providing education to students online also people who are working at the supermarkets are heroes because they are there for us. God give the people who has the power at the Government light and wisdom to take the right decisions for all people to avoid death. God protects us all.

  3. Good luck for May 15,just hope CCP doesn't release any more viruses from Wuhan Lab,but hey Tedros and W.H.O.will prevent that,won't they?.But anyway this ,or May 15 is not the end,there is more to come,the Chinese lab virus is alive and well and the communists in China have fooled everyone.More lockdowns will come for sure.

  4. I might not a doctor or scientist. But I think the governor did the right thing…..that he will extend the quarantine two more weeks. To me it is a premature to open the state of NYK right away after the number and the case of COVID-19. Its like this the whole basket of tomatoes are not all ripe. Some are red,some half yellow and some are completely green still. What the governor have done….he is removing and identifying w/c one are ripe? w/c one are yellow ? And w/c one are completely green. The over ripe are the one who has a virus and was affected…..coz it was not detected sooner. Some of them was smash because it was not separated right away. Now that the over ripe and smash was removed….the number of well ripe red tomato we don't know if it is affected yet. And remember the yellow ones are the one that are still waiting to be ripe. And there's the green one still that you do not know if they are well and good tomatoes. It's just my thought. Governor Coumo you are doing a great job on behalf of NYK.

  5. The entire country should be seeing Cuomo’s simple and clear explanation around understanding how the spread of infection works and how it connects to unpausing.

  6. This man provides a helicopter view of the situation, so you can all see his thought patterns, asking questions, to keep the listener in touch with the process Not bad . Maybe he will accept presidency.

  7. I am going to start wearing a mask when I go out. What happens to children, or people who are profoundly autistic, who keep taking off their mask (even if the adult or aid with them keeps putting it back on them)? Will there be consequences from law enforcement in the future? My little sister is profoundly autistic. She is mentally 3 years old. Parents and caregivers like myself are already scared of a miscommunication between individuals like her and law enforcement regularly, someone who wouldn't understand what put your hands up means. Will she be allowed in her day habilitation program, if she will not keep on the mask that we provide for her on, when it re-opens? There will be individuals who wont. What happens then? What happens to them?

  8. In the meantime, Apparently Fredo is out and about sightseeing with his family and getting into altercations with his neighbors. We thought he was in lockdown in his basement. What's up with that ?

  9. I do NOT believe 2000 people walked into those hospitals yesterday. Search the hashtag “#FilmYourHospital NY” on YouTube and find Lincoln Karim’s channel, and if you don’t see anything make sure you filter the results to newest date added. And if you can even imagine, the rest of the countries hospitals are even SLOWER. They are laying off people in hospitals in Florida over here. I really hope he’s being lied to and not the alternative, he’s knowing lying about all this to us. And if he is, I hope it’s for a good reason. Let’s all just pray he’s on the good side.🙏🏼

  10. Read between the lines, folks. He just stated his goal of medical and pharmaceutical tyranny. He cares nothing for people’s rights to livelihood!

  11. What abt the num of plp passing away at home? sad..the count Isn't correct unless there counted In..🙏 for us all

  12. Trump has got to be the antichrist because he wants open the world back up against his own advisors. If he does he kills us all. And I sent that what the devil wants

  13. If this so called virus is really airborne and deadly why aren't any of the governors or other "leaders" wearing mask? Can a sheep explain pls

  14. Protesters in MAGA hats and flying Confederate flags swarm Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Utah, Wyoming and Virginia to demonstrate 'tyrannical' and 'unconstitutional' lockdown orders that are 'worse than the virus' THIS IS AMAZING NEWS THE PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP, THE GOVERNMENT WILL KEEP LYING AND EXTENDING THE LOCKDOWN FIRST TWO WEEKS THEN A MONTH PEOPEL ARE NOT STUPID ANYMORE! THE WHOLE WORLD WILL PROTEST OTHERWISE THEY WILL BECOME PRISONERS FOREVER IN THEIR OWN HOMES.

  15. Can't wait for the "we believe with high confidence that this was a biochemical attack carried out by China" bombshell.

    Stay tuned…

  16. Covid 19 is special business training for every one.
    Covid 19 is very important for every one. Due to illegal prophet, kidnapping business policies, high retail price system around the world.
    This is a biggest mistake and negativity of the world. We are not looking around the world situation, every body is upset and dishonest, disturbed even every one is scared from this illegal system around the world. This is not business system of shape. This is insult of business life.
    And insult of every one around the world. We are looking around this situation.
    Covid 19 is not eating the money, But he stopped the economy of world.
    Covid is special war against of the illegal prophet system around the world. Money already have been isolated and stokes in the world. In any building.

  17. This is the virus patent

  18. I have always hated Cuomo and his policies with a passion, but in the face of this pandemic, he has become one of the most honest, candid and factual public faces of America. It almost pains me to write this lol, but it is true.

  19. if you cough into your hands, masks dont work, if you touch a surface, like a door handle and dont wash your hands before touching our face, masks dont work.

    Masks do work if you have symptomatic or asymptomatic coughs which will stop you infecting others. Masks work to reduce the impact of others sneezes and coughs ending up in your own nasal passages and throats. You could also wear a full face crash helmet when shopping. REMEMBER to wash your hands

  20. Does NBC News has something to say about some city in China close to Wghan supposedly didn’t get the 🦠…please check. We want to hear 👂 something about that… Cuomo is doing great caring for his people.


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