NEW Season 10 Udyr Jungle Build – League of Legends


Metasolaray shows the newest udyr build that he is using for season 10. Challenger Udyr Gameplay and Guide.

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  1. Wow, man I tried out this build and it rocks 😀 ! Currently having a 4 games winning streak with Udyr thanks to you ^^ Thank you very much ! I just use gargoil and after that my sterak's gage procks and I'm unkillable CC-machine with a decent DMG, lol 😀

  2. Hey metasol how its going ,i was rengar main and i switched to udyr since its so fun to play ..when i started learn him , i watched willie then i found u and im trying to play medyr but i cant carry my teams since im in low elo (gold) …do u have any advice for playing aggro to get out of low elo?
    Ty 😀 for ur time
    Keep the good work

  3. when the zeal changes come out do you think PD udyr could be a viable offensive alternative to Steraks? or is the HP + Tenacity too valuable?

  4. Clean shiz my man, thanks for the builds and fun content, as always, saludos desde Argentina! 😀


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