Native Flute and Mountain Winds: 8 Hours Peaceful Sleep and Relaxation Music (Remastered)


8 hours of native flute music with howling mountain wind underlay: Sleep & Relaxation Music.

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Composed and Produced by Nate Cunningham
© 2018

Song: Native Flute and Mountain Wind
Artist: Sleepscapes
Album: Native Flute and Mountain Wind

#Zen #Meditation #Sleep #Relaxation #NativeFlute #Wind #Ambience


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  1. I recently tried DMT, for the 1st time ever….and discovered this about an 1 hour in. This was the greatest night of my life, i was on those moutains….. The wind has never blown so cold since, i can't wait to go back.

  2. Humans are like viruses to this earth we infected a healthy host and slowly we drain its life away soon we will be expelled

  3. Esta música indaga en el lado más profundo y doloroso que a lo largo de los años he ido acumulando en lo más profundo de mi. Cuando la escucho puedo ver mis errores, mis temores y me muestra como enfrentarlos, dar ese paso que por temor y dependencia no me he atrevido hacerlo, enfrentar la verdad. Seré capaz esta noche?

  4. Listening to this as I do readings/homework of Indigenous Treaties broken, residential schools, and people being incarcerated for hunting when the season was over to feed their families – it brings a cold realization that this society we live in is depressing.

  5. You wake up tomorrow, in the mountains, cold, tired and alone. Nothing warms you, not a coat nor a fire. You search for meaning, the reason you have been here for all these years. You grow closer to leaving, or is this feeling suicidal? You cannot tell anymore. Finally, one day, that day you remember so well, comes. That music you played the night you came, the mountains, the stars, it all comes back. You fall into a deep sleep and finally you… wake up? Why am I in my room again? Why did I leave? You realize you are meant for something. You go off, get an education, and get a life. You realize that, well, life has many meanings, but do not know any but one, which is the meaning of life is peace. Sleep well readers, as we all need our rest.

  6. I've been listening to this every night and its so soothing and puts me to sleep and keeps my sleeping at a longer state….thank you for this


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