My $600 Per Month Serviced Apartment Tour in Saigon (HCMC) Vietnam


Welcome to my first unofficial apartment tour here in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) Vietnam! This is what it looks like for $600 a month: it is a fully furnished modern 1 bedroom/1 bathroom serviced apartment, located about 10 minutes away from district 1 which is the central urban district. I wasn’t familiar with serviced apartments until I moved into one – it includes daily cleaning, weekly bedding replacement, free Internet + drinking water + water usage, and even laundry service and a tiny little gym. The only thing I have to take care of is electricity. Since I’m sharing the apartment with another person, despite the humble living space our living cost is cut in half and that’s how we get to save.

February 28, 2018

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  1. I pay 25 usd per dy in small hotel. but it pays for big buffet breakfast, no utilities, water included. wifi, cleaning daily, etc. a bit expensive, but they take care of everything for me. Laundry included. and I don't live in the expat bubble. I hardly pay for any other food and the size doesn't matter. size is an illusion. and the food provided probably would add up to about 200 per month. I can find somewhere to crash for 400 usd I'm sure, but the other services cost money. try it.

  2. Vietnamese-American here planning to return for a few months this year. I am looking for a 2/2 Service Apartment or even a house on Nguyen Trai & Nguyen Cu Trinh (D1) near the Cong Huynh street. Know anyone I can contact PLEASE???!! Thanks in advance

  3. The minimum wage in Saigon is $180/month and she is paying $600/month for that tiny box? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Can you say rip off?

  4. I’m so confused, you can get a great 2 bedroom apartment in Saigon for $500 or less. This makes no sense that you are living in a studio with 2 people for $600

  5. Did you use local estate agent or some site for foreigners? That's super expensive. I paid $500 for a much bigger place in same area. Had gym and pool in building too

  6. jstfd
    Hi, I can relate to what you are doing, I have been living and working in Thailand for 13 years and most of the mattresses that I have slept on have been very uncomfortable. I am teaching English at them moment and would like to know a little about what you work on, hopefully to supplement my income – which is pretty good at the moment, though living in Bangkok can be expensive. Again thank you for a lovely tour of your apartment and I miss being able to take a bath here, all I have been able to do is take showers.

  7. Loving the tour!
    I moved too!
    I put up an empty apartment tour video 🙂
    Check it out and let me know what you think?

    Spoiler alert: My place is not as cool as yours 😛

  8. You can get much better for the amount you are paying. For 500+ dollars, the place needs to look really good. Think yours is about 400 dollars.

  9. Actually your 1 bedroom apt. looks kool. It's not enormous or anything to write home about its size, but it does look modern and cozy. That apt. in Japan will cost you a whole lot more than $600 – guaranteed.


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