Multiple Stroke Layer Effect | Photoshop Tutorial


In this Photoshop tutorial, learn how to add multiple strokes to layer styles in order to create cool outline effects. I also cover my strategy for keeping the layers completely editable and non-destructive.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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  1. Perfect! Thank you for another great tutorial! This was very useful to learn, and I,love how,you explain the why you do what and how you do it, and also where you find certain applications.

  2. Example: Red word with white stroke and then blue stroke. IS there a way to make the white stork transparent so that there is a space between red word and blues stroke? Thanks

  3. i love your tutorial but can u please do narration more slowly even with the pause button its hard for me to follow …

  4. THIS IS THE TUTORIAL I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR! Thanks so much breaking this all the way down for those of us with limited photoshop skills. This is the best tutorial I've seen on learning how to do this effect. Liked and subscribed.

  5. I had no idea you could add a second stroke like that. I used to always rasterize the text and then add another stroke. Wow I really learnt a lot from this video. Thank you

  6. You know, now I understand the hardwork youtubers made, spent 11 min record video and another 20 min to edit it, Nice work sir

  7. what is the main reason why ,you made the rectangle bigger over the layer at the beginning and when should this method be used?

  8. What am I doing wrong – once i delete the original background, my new background is just a blank transparent gray and white checkerboard

  9. Make a new folder, take layer with stroke on it and put it in that new folder, put stroke on the new folder, make another new folder and put the last folder you made into the new folder, add stoke to the new folder, and boom: 3 layers of stroke the SIMPLE way. I know your doing it the way that photoshop built in to allow you to do this, but seriously any time it takes 11 minutes to explain how to do something like this, it's probably because you're doing it the hard/unnecessary way when the easy way gives the same results from a quality standpoint.


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