Mechanisms of DNA Damage and Repair


Remember how the Ninja Turtles came to be? Yes you do. It was the ooze! A radioactive ooze that mutated their DNA in just the right way to give them the ability to walk upright, talk, and do ninjutsu. Now, I’m as a big a Turtle fan as they come (Donatello is my main man) but this is a highly inaccurate way to portray mutation. Let’s learn about the real ways that your DNA can become damaged, and the strategies nature has developed to combat these risks.


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  1. Thank you Prof! My Go To Guy! I’ve been passing my subjs, partly bc of u! And correctly answering activity sheets because of u! THANK U SO MUCH!

  2. so professor Dave is it true the number of mutations in human DNA makes it highly unlikely that man is as ancient a creation as we are taught and that we also have an expiration date coming up pretty soon because of those mutations?

  3. Thank you Prof. um thinking, I may as well stop paying my school fees and start paying R5.00 per month for joining your channel, this feels great

  4. One of the greatest mysteries of modern science, is how does Dave have such a derpy haircut and yet manage to ooze cool from every fiber of his being?

  5. One big cause of gene damage is minerals and vitamin deficiencies. Too bad he left that one out. Weston Price did work in showing vitamin A deficiencies cause lack of eye development in pigs and puppies, there are pictures of this in his free online book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. He also showed where soil mineral deficiencies caused double faced calves and partial absorption of a twin which showed as calves with extra limbs. He even showed where calcium and Magnesium deficient soils caused proud upright horns of an ox to gradually fall when he was moved to an area of poor soil. These are things that are preventable, by supplementation, and soil supplementation. So it's sad that more isn't done in this area as it's an easy and usually cheap fix. Dolomite has calcium and magnesium, much needed by the soil for good crop production (ideal soil needs 68% calcium and 12-20% magnesium) and limestone has calcium and 60 trace minerals (found in the soils of the centenarian cultures) (soilminerals dot com). A"simple" magnesium deficiency can cause multiple illnesses and maladies including death. William Albrecht was the father of soil minerals. He discovered this and helped this farm resolve their high mortality rate.

    Also missing was a discussion of fetal alcohol and tylenol, and smoking and any number of drugs taken in pregnancy. There is enormous chance of damage in pregnancy when ingesting these things. So easy to prevent.

  6. hello sir I have a question I would like to know if cancer is a gene mutation how does chemo and radiation therapy work on cancer how does it stop replication even in the begin of cancer and why after the apoptosis from chemotherapy patient has life duration depend on the stage of the cancer

  7. Wireless technology creates DNA damage, apparently already after 4 hours of laptop use.
    Meanwhile wireless devices are everywhere, even if you don't have any, the office will be laced with wireless, neighbours might have a router on the other side of the wall, cell towers and so on.

    And then there's the roll out of 5G… Needless to say, we should do everything in our power to stop that.

  8. For a layman like me this series is fairly easy to follow and understand.
    I am therefore very grateful and hope to be able to use your work here on Y-T a lot.
    Greetzzz from Holland [sorry for my bad grammar]

  9. Dave, I suggest you first present a summarized outline using a flowchart classifying different mutations and its subtypes. This way it'll be easier to grasp and make notes at the same time. I suggest you apply it to other videos too


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