Make your Bose QC25 Wireless – Airmod Bluetooth Adapter Review


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Airmod for Bose QC25
Make Bose QC25 wireless
How to make bose QC25 wireless
Bose QC25 wireless adaptor


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  1. It is a commercial video? Cause, I don't get it. What about the most important thing? The sound quality? What kinda formats it support? aptx? how is compared to wired?

  2. Great review. Are these still the best option for the QC25 (quality and price), my new phone doesn't have an audio jack and wouldn't Mind cordless for travel anyway. Doesn't ship to Australia. Cheers

  3. Jim, I just received my exact same Bluetooth device. I’ve tried everything to pair it to my iPhone 6s Plus. For some reason it won’t pair. It doesn’t even show up on the screen. I’ve tried it with other iPhones and still have the same problem. What do you think could be the problem? I’ve got other Bluetooth devices paired up and they all work well.

  4. Yo, much better better life, first you say that the first benefit of qC 35 is the battery life, then you say the second benefit is that the qC doesn't have noice cancelling switch.
    Do you even watch your videos before you upload them ?

  5. I bought the 25 I found it in an excellent price on amazon the only thing that I don’t like is that they are it with Bluetooth I preferred the cable but when you see new tendency of don’t use the jack I think that my new Bose are going to have a little life, and I find this adapter in think I’m going to buy i

  6. I've read that the adapter has to be removed for each charge, wearing out the audio jack port. Can anyone with a lot of use confirm?

  7. Too bad it cannot make the QC25 a better-sounding pair of cans. And in this case, "cans" pretty much sounds up the sound, too.

  8. which is better Myriann Black Bluetooth 4.1 Receiver for Bose QC25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones or AirMod Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones (QC25)

  9. Your video for this and all of your reviews is so sharp and crisp. What lense and video settings are you using to accomplish such a clean clear video end result?

  10. @JimsReviewRoom There's a newer product similar to this item by BTunes called "BTunes Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for Bose Quiet Comfort 25 Headphones (New for QC25)." Apparently, their model supports aptX / aptX-LL, MicroUSB charging, and up-to 10hrs of play/talk time — all for the same price. Sounds superior than the older Airmod Bluetooth Adapter, do you mind taking a look? Some of use still enjoy the QC25, and due to the replaceable AAA battery, don't envision replacing them anytime soon.

  11. Another Major Benefit, is That the integrated Battery of The QC35 has a Limited lifetime… so after 2 years, you can throw it away and buy a new 350$+ One… with this Solution, you could in Theorie buy 5 of this adapters !

  12. Guys whats the best and cheapest noise cancelling earphones/headphones? (Needs to be lower than 10SGD :O, I know its too low a price limit but i'm trying to save money HAHA…)

  13. QC25 is not worth upgrading. This overpriced junk fails too easy, it is a matter of a year and you will get damaged left or right driver (speaker), sound is also rather poor. Sell it and buy something better and more reliable, Sony or Sennheiser are alternatives to be considered.

  14. This is a good option because the QV 25s have come way down in price BUT the QV 35s do sound better as most people will attest to…The QV 25s sound decent but Bose has managed to tweak the 35s to another level…Battery life is a concern with the adapter + you will need to pop a new triple A battery in the QV25s every 35 hours….This could be a hassle…You can find the QV 25s at Amazon or BestBuy for "sometimes" at 159 + 69 for the adapter…With tax around a 240 dollar investment as compared to the QV 35s with tax at around 360…Either way you can't go wrong if you want the best in the business at noise cancelling combined with comfort…KNOW THIS, I don't agree with Jim that Sony's noise cancelling is better than BOSE….That is false, IF you listen to both Sony has a processed kind of noise cancelling where Bose is whisper quiet. Bose's technology is still king in this arena. Sony does a good job but it's like comparing a true granite countertop (BOSE) to a good laminate (Sony)….Sony is more feature packed and may sound better for some people but in noise cancelling and comfort BOSE 100 %.

  15. I have an apple model QC25 but using samsung s7 with it now. volume keys don't work at all with my phone and not even with windows. can airmod solve that problem ???

  16. So understanding that you limit your wireless time versus the Bose Q35, I am looking to add a headset mainly for the plane, metro, train, office use. So, I could buy the qC25 and airmod for $240 presently. So, using that as my ceiling, would you do that personally or would you buy the Sennheiser 4.50 for $189. I have been viewing your reviews which I just found on my you tube channel on my roku with my tv. Love your voice and reviews. Anything else under $240 that you would buy like the Sennheiser or any other headset whether over the head or earbud type. Thanks. Jim

  17. Great demo. However, I want to use this to have a conversation on my cell phone. I saw no mention of a microphone. If a mic does not exist I'm stuck with a wire, since it contains a mic.

  18. Hi, I am planning to buy the Bose QC 25 but I also like the Bose sound link on ear bluetooth headphone. I have owned Bose OE2 for a long time. What is your opinion about the sound quality between the QC 25 and sound link bluetooth on ear headphone? Thanks

  19. Hey Jimmy! Thank you for your awesome reviews. Can you please test a airline bluetooth connector/adapter to this airmod for the Bose QC25/15. I wanna buy a "pair" up. Thank you;)


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