Liverpool's Champions League training | Atletico


Watch live as Liverpool train at Melwood ahead of their UEFA Champions League Last 16 second-leg tie against the Spanish outfit on Wednesday evening.

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  1. Ha ha ha ha ha out the champions league a flash in the pan team overrated so much Atletico will not even win the c l  go out in the next phase a great team is  consistent man utd were lfc are not EVERTON FC 🙂

    A MADRID 3-2 luckyfool
    Luckyfools are no more lucky 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. minamino>>>>>>>>>>>>>>mane,salah
    this is fact.Kloop should use Minamino as a key player to win.

  4. Just seen the match. Knew Adrian had mistakes in him. Did he do much training? he looks lazy. like Mignolet physique, slim and half asleep.
    Only LFC to blame, recruitment for better back-up keeper.

    Matip on the bench? extra time, last 30 minutes, bring him on, play 3 central defenders at the back. Klopp afraid to take Salah off, he should have come off,

    Ox played awesome, I would have kept him on with Milner, to protect the back 4, had matip not come on.

    Klopp is part-to-blame. Away from home, goes with 3 strikers up front, from the start. First leg was caused by Manager mistakes, naive at knock-out stage.

  5. Good job thrown away all the cups now .. I told you it would happen now coronavirus can stop prem as well then we have nothing gg

  6. كل اللاعبين قدمو مباره مميزه الا ادرين فهو سبب الخساره الوحيد والخروج من الابطال

  7. Good training but i just watched the game and u either need insane training on adrian or sell him and buy a new keeper because he honestly played trash! He cant kick and he cant save or make good choices for liverpool


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