Live Search Using Bootstrap 4, PHP, MySQLi Prepared Statement & Ajax


Hello world! In this video I’m showing you how to make a live search of record from the database using Bootstrap 4, PHP, MySQLi Prepared Statement in Object Oriented Style and Ajax. By using this you can search the record without page refresh in the same page.


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  1. what can I do when I have "Edit" and "Delete" button inside my table and I want the button to came out with the result too?

  2. Bootstrap ajax pagination and search with dynamic data

    you can check from here

  3. next time, show the code then do all the css because now it contains so much information most people probably wouldn't care about if they build a website in a different style.

  4. search box not working. double checked the code. i have replace database and table with mine

    i am posting my code in the following link


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