Live Graphic Design, Branding & Identity with Kristine Arth – 1 of 3


Join graphic designer and branding wizard Kristine Arth as she develops the brand identity and packaging for a fictional creativity conference called Designer to Designer! Today, Kristine will highlight her design brief, color palette, copy and font before developing several logo designs for the conference. Stay tuned to learn how Kristine approaches brand identity and logo design!

Kristine is the Director of Brand & Graphic Design at fuseproject and has led a team of designers on global brand projects for PayPal, Jawbone and SodaStream! Her work has earned awards from Red Dot, IDA International Design, iF Design, IDSA, SPARK!, IDEA and The Dieline.


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Intro: 1:13
Brief: 3:55
Sketches with her ideas: 15:45
Designing logo ideas in Illustrator: 20:35
Refining one of those logos: 1:09:30

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  1. What's the official term for the sheet a designer makes in the beginning to prepare? With the brief/overview/goals/values/competitors?

  2. Your videos are so beautiful and easy to watch, yet teach me so much! thank you! keep up the good work!
    I also sale branding services:

  3. Would be much better if they talk about design and not making stupid jokes all the time… Couldn't watch more than 10 minutes…


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