Lido De Paris Cabaret Show


Visiting Paris? Don’t miss to see ‘Lido’ during one of the evenings. Lido Show is undoubtedly the most famous show amongst all the French cabarets. See this spectacular event at the heart of Paris in a short NEW LIDO SHOW “Paris Merveilles” video!

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  1. Full of bare breasted female dancers,and the male dancers have to be gay to dance and hold these girls,it is famous throughout the world,not for it's artistic content nor for the costumes,simply for the adult stage displays,if it wasn't for the tourist trade and the foreign tourists including children allowed in the Lido-De Paris,the Moulin Rougue and Crazy Horse would not survived and it is travel clubs like yours who advertise keeps these 18+ stage displays going,also u tube have breached their own coded of practice and community standards by allowing travel companies to advertise 18+ stage displays,u tube has not considered children accessing the 18+ stage videos,which are in fact adult videos,i have reminded U Tube of its terms and conditions regarding adult content of such video clips

  2. The Lido went away from what it did best and to this fan, died an ugly death. Their shows today are nothing like the splendid exotic beauty of the 60's, 70's and 80's. Zero erotic intrigue with most of their performances as benign as a tap dancing rotary at my local amusement park. So sad!


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