Let’s Unbox: Ugreen 2.5-inch SSD/HDD to USB 3.0 Enclosure (Drive Installation & Speed Test)


I unbox a Ugreen, well, two Ugreen enclosures (only one on camera), then proceed to install a HDD into one of them, plug it in and then run some speedtests comparing the USB 3.0 interface with the more traditional SATA 6Gb/s.

If your HDD/SSD is not showing in File Explorer, it’s likely that the drive doesn’t have a letter assigned to it – if a drive has no letter assigned to it will NOT show up in File Explorer

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  1. thank you i hope i can install a small game …..so we can install virtual dj inn this one external hard drive? thank you for support

  2. Also, Windows10 and maybe other version too has stupid defaults "Don't show empty drives" so even if you have an assigned drive letter, if it's empty, it may not show up either, Microsoft hates you.

  3. UGREEN External Hard Drive Enclosure Adapter 3.5 USB 3.0 to SATA Hard Disk Case Housing with Power Adapter for 3.5 2.5 Inch WD, Seagate, Toshiba, Samsung, Hitachi SATA III, HDD, SSD 10TB Max, Tool Free with UASP, Black


    is this any good??

  4. Would you go for this enclosure + a 500GB SSD (Samsung or Crucial) OR go with a Samsung T5 Portable SSD with 500GB? Price difference would me minimal here in germany right now.


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