Laravel 6 Beginner – e16 – Front End Presets (Bootstrap)


Front end presets are an easy way to swap out your Laravel’s frontend in one single command. Let’s use it to add Twitter Bootstrap to our project.

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Front End Presets

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About This Course

If you have been looking to learn Laravel, there hasn’t been a better time. The framework reached an important point in its life, with the release of Laravel 6. There has never been more demand for Laravel developers than now. In this series, we are going to get you started in your path to becoming a Laravel Artisan. Let’s get right to it!


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  1. Hi Victor! Thanks for these videos. I would like to know what is the difference between PHP artisan preset bootstrap and PHP artisan ui bootstrap in laravel 6. Thanks!

  2. Hey i love your videos. Can you please make some videos on PHP OOP / Intermediate OOP please. that would really help thanks.

  3. Hey Victor, now that I have some time, I'm following your two courses on Udemy. But for the moment I hate the whole TDD approach :/ It's very tedious. My questions are:
    1. When developing a SPA (or even just using Vue for parts of your front-end), do you always need to work with an API? (I like that Passport let you easily consume your own API though)
    2. When working with an API, do you really need to have a TDD approach? Or can you skip it, at least for smaller projects?

  4. What plugins do you have for phpstorm for Laravel, and other cool stuf.
    I keep getting some "warnings" telling me that X method isnt a part of X og some functions doesnt exists.
    even tho the site and everything works just fine.

  5. This series is unbelievably good. Also your teaching is great, your voice and speed is exactly how it should be. More laravel please! 🙂 Do you also plan on beginner php series?

  6. Best Laravel Channel ever. But i got a question Victor, how do i link vue with my custom css in the public directory so that i can maintain the follow button from the instagram clone tutorial

  7. the bootstrap javascript components such as dropdown, button toggle are not working! please help Edited: I fixed it (Run "php artisan ui vue" then npm install and then npm run dev" Thank for this serie!

  8. Btw are you planning to make a series about SWOOLE basics? It will be nice to grow its community. I am sure you know what I'm talking about.

  9. I am a student at university specializing in information technology
    and have knowledge about database data structure. T just started my first par-time job and it works with php laravel. So, which tutorial should I start with in this chanel?
    Help me, please


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