Joker Box Office – Second Weekend Drop, Billion Dollar Club?!


Box Office today! Joker second weekend drop shocking! Is the Billion Dollar Club &Oscars next?! Gemini Man, Parasite, Addams Family!

In this box office recap find out how Joker had an amazingly small second weekend drop for October 11th 2019, and might be on its way to the Billion Dollar Club and the Oscars! What will Warner Bros and the DCEU aka DC movies do next? Also The Addams Family, Gemini Man and Jexi! Plus industry prediction aka projections for Maleficent 2 and Zombieland 2! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph gives you an inside look at the weekend box office with an industry perspective! Be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

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Intro – 00:00
Joker – 00:36
The Addams Family – 10:05
Gemini Man – 10:38
Parasite – 12:05
Overall Top Ten – 13:16
This Coming Weekend – 13:36

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!

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  1. Imagine building a mega collaboration comic movie for 10 years, step by step, and finally reached the conclusion, only for a freaking clown take away the award lol.

    Still, Joker is better than Infinity and Endgame combined.

  2. People go see movies because they want to see the movie. Not because of some stupid score. Imagine that! People can think for themselves!

  3. You thought the way Endgame's script was put together was impressive? BAHAHAHAH! XD The amount of plot holes in that movie should disqualify it from any award in the craft category lol.

  4. Binging on Movie Math in 90 + degree weather in San Diego C.A. in FREAKING OCTOBER!!!! Grace, keeps me cool.

  5. Looks like I underestimated another comicbook movie if it actually makes a billion, I expected it to bring in 745-775 million.

  6. I don’t know anybody that goes out and watches a movie because of an Oscar. Outside of make-believe land, I’m not too sure Oscars carry much weight with the general movie audience since 1978.

  7. This one movie far surpasses all marvel movies. I dont care that it didn't have any explosions or heros. The fucking performance was brilliant.

  8. Hope Phoenix doesn’t need to die to get an Oscar 😬this joker is without question a masterpiece and we should take care it Doesn’t get reality 💪🏻

  9. Unpopular opinion: While I would love to see a sequel to Joker, possibly with the Bat in it, I don't think DC needs to make it. They've got such a huge roster of amazing characters they could dip into, and any one of them, if done with the same amount of care Joker was, can keep this DC Renaissance Grace talks about going

  10. Hi Beyond The Trailer I have a friend named Andrés Navy who is youtuber and I want to tell you that he sends greetings!!!!!

  11. I'm just worried that some lying, hyper-partisan woman will "remember" being molested by Joaquin Phoenix 20 years ago in an attempt to discredit him for choice of best actor.

  12. We have to remember that Joker is NOT part of the DCEU and was never intended to be. It was also always meant as a one-off film, not a franchise starter. I doubt we'll see a sequel or see the DCEU shift to match the tone and look of this film. At best, this performance will encourage WB to continue making non-DCEU "experimental" films.

  13. The irony is that Joker had more in common with Batman 89 than TDK. 1. The dark humor. 89 Joker says "Bob, gun" then out of the blue blows Bob's brains out. Joker 19 asks Murray a question then out of the blue blows Murray's brains out. 2. Joker 89 shoots his authority figure (Grissom) after a conversation then casually remrks 'What a day' Joker 19's what a day moment comes after he has a conversation with his authority figure (the shrink) then he casually jaunts down the hall, 3. Joker 89 confronts an innocent (Vicki Vale) then tries to deform her face with his acid flower. Joker 19 confronts an innocent (young Bruce) and deforms his face with his fingers. All Ledger did was blow things up. He literally negated what could have been a what a day moment by wearing a dress.

  14. If I'm honest about it, the screenplay was OK, not something to write home about, but Joaquin Phoenix's performance is Oscar worthy. He carries the entire movie. I want to see it again, but this time look for things I might have missed the first time around. I agree with others: You can't compare Phoenix and Heath Ledger because it's like comparing apples to oranges, but I'll be really angry if the academy doesn't at least nominate Phoenix for an Oscar. It may be the only time in history where 2 actors win an Oscar for portraying the same character. And the performances are COMPLETELY different!


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