Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Abuse Claims: Amber Caught Lying Under Oath! NEW AUDIO and VIDEO!


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This new video and audio was first reported on by the Daily Mail. It is from Amber’s 2016 sworn deposition, taken just before Amber Heard dropped her domestic violence allegations against Johnny Depp.

Amber has repeatedly testified that she only hit Johnny one time during their relationship. We already know that’s a lie, but here is a very crucial point in her deposition, in which she willfully commits perjury, lying under oath about it.

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Amber Heard’s First Audio Confession to abusing Johnny Depp:

Amber Heard tells Johnny Depp nobody will believe him:

Amber Admits to Multiple attacks on Johnny Depp:

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Daily Mail Article:



  1. For those saying they should have just taken a break if she was going to just sit there and eat. This was actually right after a panic break by her and her team in which she was initially asked if she ever committed acts of domestic violence against Johnny. In retrospect I don't know why I didn't add it to my video. I might put it up on my twitter if you want to check it out. Or I'll use it as a brief follow up during my next video. Thanks for watching! – IA

  2. Although she is being caught in every lie, proving Johnny’s innocence. This is a BS court system and BS lawyer. “ she doesn’t have to answer OR that’s not relevant”. She has to answer when asked, and it is entirely relevant. Who is allowing this lawyer to say such nonsense?
    Well… The good thing is she has been exposed for an abuser and a narcissist and she will never work in Hollywood ever again. And Johnny Depp has been proven innocent and gets to continue his work.

  3. Seriously, she's a textbook, gaslighting, sadistic narcissist. And yes, she is getting off on the recounting of her violent, abusive, actions.

  4. People like this need to be locked away with the worst kind of criminals. I really feel for Johnny's situation because she reminds me way too much of one my exes. She was always making up lies about me, which everyone else already knew wasn't true, and she would regularly get in my face accusing me of cheating, when later I found out she was the one fuckin around.
    Never dated anyone who physically abused me, though… I honestly can't imagine I would handle it as well as Johnny has, if you know what I mean.

  5. Anyone know where an, I am sorry I belived her Johnny page is because I DO NOT believe her anymore. And feel really bad for how (me) the public has fucked with his career and life by believing this fucked up person

  6. Mg so irritating and disgusting to see her smirking, smiling, disrespecting, eating, doesn't bother about anything and think she can get away just because she's a women by ruining someone live. This is the reason real abuser suffer, shame on her and her lawyers and whoever are on her side, justice should be serve completely..

  7. she is being fucking disrespectful
    how could she act like that in court??
    fucking lying bitch trying to play the victim role
    hate her, bring back justice for Johnny

  8. I seriously think she suffers from borderline personality disorder comorbid with narcissistic personality disorder… but I'm not a doctor…

  9. Does anyone else think she's a psychopath? She has no emotion/soul behind her eyes, her eyes are so cold. Poor Johnny 🙁

  10. Oh my god she is harder to watch than the gal gadot john lennon mashup
    Shes just eating snacks and laughing like a grade school bully.

  11. I cannot reiterate enough to those of you out therethat these people are extremely dangerous and there are many types of narcissistic personality disorderthis broad is a perfect example of a malignant narcissistic personality disorder because she also has additional cluster b personality disorders I would guess sociopath OR psychopath AND BORDERLINE personality disorder.

  12. Yes, I can explain it to you; it's called narcissistic personality disorder. there's a big difference between someone being narcissistic and actually having the cluster be narcissistic personality disorder.I would call her what is referred to in the DSM as a malignant narcissist. A malignant narcissist is anyone who has NPD plus any other cluster b personality disorder. In her case I would guess NPD and sociopathy or psychopathy depending on whether she was born that way or she became that way that is the big difference between sociopath and psychopath one is born and the other is created. I know these things because I double majored in psychology and sociology and because I just spent the last ten years of my life with malignant narcissistic personality disordered man. almost everything she does and says is exactly like what he does and says to this day he denieseverything and does what she's doing by turning it around and saying I didn't do that you did that. This is a very sick and dangerous. She may be a little woman, skinny and cute, but Johnny being a real man and a gentle soul from everything I've seen would do anything possible not to retaliate including running away and hiding in the bathroom. I know this because I've had to do it. the problem with narcissistic personality disorder is it causes what is called narcissistic abuse syndrome also known as narcissistic victim syndrome in the person that they have been abusing. I'm just glad Johnny was able to get out faster than I was. Because it destroyed me physically emotionally and I am still in therapy trying to find my self again. I've always been a very strong woman… And he knew I was physically disabled when we got together but my physical health went downhill very fast over the last 10 years.I hope Johnny is able to find a specialist in narcissistic abuse syndrome because regular therapists in phds have no clue what they're dealing with and they often blame the victim because they don't understand the disorder of the narcissist what it does to the victim

  13. Don’t leave your wife for a younger woman. Nobody deserves domestic violence. However, this is another example the grass isn’t always greener.

  14. I don't believe either of them. She's just the idiot that got recorded. I still can't respect a man that puts his hands on a female she was that horrible you should have just left.

  15. I’m sorry, I almost cannot watch this hideous person. She is reprehensible. I am feeling such loathing for her.

  16. I understand why Disney cancelled Johnny. With people like this in the real world, we don't really need anymore movies depicting detestable, evil people anymore. Not when we have Amber Heard in real life to watch.

  17. Can she please just be fired from everything so we never have to see her again? The way she smiles every time is disgusting. What an awful human being.


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