JBL Xtreme 2 vs Bose Soundlink Revolve+


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Bose Soundlink Revolve+:



  1. Decisions decisions 🤪 next time try to play sons that most of the people have played before in different devices so we can have a better idea which sound we like better 👍🏼👍🏼

  2. The setup was very easy👉👉>share4.photo/Soundcast?31 and the wireless signal has no problems with reception ~20' through sliding glass doors where we have it placed.

  3. I'm about 2 years late in watching this video it looks like but I still give you props, but daaaaaayum, I can't understand a word you saying. Not sure if you speed talking or if this video is on fast forward mode.

  4. Need some help which of the below is best as I'm looking for something with awesome sound (volume and bass) and if it can be a smart Speaker 😉 better :

    Aura Studio 2
    Onyx studio 5
    Jbl link 500
    Jbl Extreme
    Jbl extreme 2
    Google Home max
    Bose home speaker 300

  5. I’m listening on my new soundlink from Bose I couldn’t decide today at Best Buy . I think now maybe I should of got jbl. Jbl was more money but in my range .
    It was between these two . I can return . Thanks for your help

  6. All about soundstage….I prefer bose more than jbl..
    Cause JBL has a little bit more emphasizes on bass…but BOSE has good mids…also bigger soundstage…

  7. I rarely post a comment (too stresful dealing with the correct English!:) but…..These two speakers are really a bit hard to compare – and the fighting below is funny. JBL is more of a party speaker…while Boss is more audiophile orientated and more mature.
    Songs from basically all comparison videos are (I do not know why) a bit "dumb". Mostly house, insane amounts of unballanced bass and spiking highs. If you want to be shaken from the inside by the amount of bass, half drunk at some party and the only criterion for a good time is the amount of "BUM BUM" from the sound source, than buy an appropriate speaker for this (JBL). However, if you want to sit on your sofa and enjoy MUSIC, go for the Bose. Bashing Bose revolve + is like going to a fine dining restaurant and complaining about the portions being too small, get it?
    According to acknowledged audiophile review sites, JBL is never (or rearly) the speaker of choice. Revolve + was voted as one of the best (if not the best) under $300 speakers several times and it falls more in to a cattegory of B&A beoplay A1 and similar.
    One should not underestimate the bass response on Bose revolve + (or even revolve!) before hearing it in person! It is not only the amount of base but also how accurately the lower frequencies are destributed…and believe me all this Bose hating thingy going on right now is really just a popularity thing but has no real ground.
    You should listen to speakers in person not over youtube and listen to the songs appropriate for the speaker's intended purpuse.
    Therefore, I rather read reviews and trust the experienced reviewers or go and listen to the speaker in person.

  8. I coach beach volleyball out on the beach and need a speaker that can sit in the middle of 4 courts and be heard on all of them. The Brookstone Big Blue Party Indoor Outdoor Speaker was perfect, but I had to replace it because it’s a fire hazard. I bought the JBL Boombox and it does everything we need EXCEPT it only faces one way, so you can’t hear it from the two courts behind it. What is the best replacement? I need portable, bluetooth, loud, 360 degree or at least front & back speakers so sound goes 2 opposite directions, and waterproof if possible. Budget up to $500. I'm looking at the Bose Revolve+ but am not sure it's as loud as the Big Blue Party. Does anyone have any recommendations?

  9. The Bose Revolve is POS. It’s only use paper weight. Can stress enough to avoid at all over priced cost. One of the worst products and customer support experiences ever. I own three other speakers (including Soundllink Mini 2 and Charge 2) and all work without issue paired with any sound source. Not the Revolve Plus- garbage crap.. I’ve never been able to use with any source except iPad. Alexa no go, PC no go….when paired get garbled pauses only see with Revolve Plus and not three others…

  10. As usual the JBL sounds thin and tinny. You can immediately hear the fullness of the Bose sound as soon as it kicks in, without looking at the screen.

  11. I am looking for a speaker to use when I show videos in my leadership workshops. For my purpose, which one of these speakers is the best?

  12. I have both, one thing I add on it that u will be irritate in jbl in long listening, but in bose I can play all day without irritatation, Dont know why…


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