JBL Pulse 3 Vs Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus Which 360 Degree Speaker Is Right For You?


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The JBL Pulse and Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus are both 360 speakers but they have two radically different designs. The Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus is an elegant piece of hardware while the JBL Pulse 3 is a lot of fun. But which is right for you? Check out this JBL Pulse 3 Vs Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus video to find out!

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  1. My Pulse 2 batteries died a little after three years which makes me hesitant to buy the Pulse 3- with that said, I did like the light show and sound of the Pulse 2’s. It’s just that they won’t play when unplugged.

  2. i play i lot of games on my phone, Any suggestions which one would sound better for mobile gaming? or maybe other brands or model?

  3. My friend got a pulse 3 and I got a Bose revolve + we played the same song over both speakers at the same time. My friend had to turn off his speaker and keep it away cause the Bose ate the Pulse 3. This review is the most biased towards pulse 3. Cause the battery on the Bose 3 is wicked. I sometimes go more than a week without charging… battery doesn't deplete that soon… and also if you are gonna spend so much money go for something built for the purpose. The pulse 3 defeats the purpose of a speaker.

  4. To be honest Bose isn't bad, i'm a JBL fan, but i heard how the revolve+ sounds… You can easily compare it to a JBL Xtreme.

  5. The Bose is much better than the Jbl but first of all the Jbl is much better to look at and I think that a 17 year old like me is rarely gonna listen to Whitney Houston, I want the lights and loud speakers and I want my friends to ask me about it I want something cool, I love Bose products, I use qc 35s because I travel a lot but the revolve plus is too dull, too boring but I'm sure the sound link sounds much better

  6. Bose Soundlink DOES NOT have a 360 deg Light show which brings my Music to Life…JBL Pulse 3 all the way….I would go with JBL Pulse 3 and ditch this exorbitantly priced Bose Water Bucket….!

  7. I own the JBL Charge and the Bose Revolve plus… The revolve blows the Charge away quite easily and on other videos I saw, the charge kicks the Pulse’s ass, yet this video claims the Pulse was better than the Revolve Plus…. I am assuming this video had a Revolve plus that was not updated with the latest EQ settings. Either way, I think the charge is the best speaker on the market due to all it’s features.

  8. Hi men, my name is spaik, I'm from Colombia, question, can you make a Vs of the Samsung R6 (wam6500) and the bose, thanks.

  9. I think you're full of shit on some of your points. The Bose soundlink revolve plus sounds better by a long shot.

  10. Soundlink revolver + all the way = better bass/sound, NFC, you can talk on the phone with the speaker, and battery


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