Italian actor Luca Franzese pleads for help


Italian actor Luca Franzese pleads with authorities to collect his sister’s body from their home after she was said to have died from coronavirus

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  1. Sad😢why so italian be paranoid? They have good health services..time now to love one another ,compassion says the Pope Francis..praying for u luca and family…rest assured God Lord is listening to u…

  2. Prayers won't do you any good, not for anyone for that matter, it never did! Religion teaches helplessness. Que sera, sera—what will be will be. Let go and let God. Believers wait for God to solve problems they could solve themselves. What actually would have made a significant impact and a major difference in order to control the virus and protecting the people was by closing the borders when there was the first indication of a deadly virus and organizing intensive scanning of people who wants to go in our out! This never happened due to the European Union who are more concerned about maintaining the international traffic flow, then actually protecting their citizens from catching the Corona virus! It's time for every country to leave the hypocritical EU and take matters into their own hands!

  3. I feel the pain,why italian so paranoid? Kaawa ka naman ,artista ka man din ..iniwan ka ng madla pati kapitbahay at friends at relatives,d rin cla masisi katakot virus..pray more bro. The Lord is not mock,He loves us and never forsake us..stay in faith ..we can win this battle in Christ great power to destroy covid19 april Halleluya!!!

  4. Our language our culture is not the same but i can feel your pain. At the End we are all humans and we all have family. May Allah help you dear

  5. Ha ha ha …what an absurd OMG I'm speechless LOL… Dude take your spaghetti and wrap around your own ears, or find a horse, the horse has big head lots of BS can absorb…mamamia stupidado moronimo peakabolle BANG!!!

  6. why r u inside the room without any mask ? u inhailed the virus and will spread among others.
    i mean control ur emotions bcus its the matter of millions and billions of sisters nd brothers out in the world.

  7. His sister is dead from Coronavirus and she is rotting in the bed because the govorment are to scared to come and take her body.


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