Is Bootstrap Still Worth It? — 1 Design, 2 Code Bases.


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— I created a simple layout. In one version, I coded it 100% custom CSS. In the other version, I relied on Bootstrap. In this video, we’ll take a look at the results as they pertain to file size after minification and PurgeCSS.

I will also share my opinions about Bootstrap in general. Share your thoughts in the comments!

Let’s get started!

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  1. Good to have such a definitive answer. Most coding vids give a list of pros and cons but now I am sure that I wont use Bootstrsp anymore, not that I have thought it is a good idea for the last few years.

  2. This is just a lame comparison. Nobody used bootstrap for 10 lines of code. In real world web development and real applications the difference between vanilla css and bootstrap in terms of file size will be so small that considering the cost saving and average internet speed it is no brainier that bootstrap is the to go framework.
    This kind of videos are boring and misleading for the newbies. Like the over rating videos about the advantages of Django over laravel for development.
    If we want to listen to these kinds of videos then we should ditch Vue.js and write or frontend using plain Java script as well.

  3. I learned css first, but I really enjoy the grid system of bootstrap and that's also the only thing I use from them in my projects

  4. Bootstrap Extra Small is all devices less then 768px???? So Phone in Portrait und Landscape are both less then 768px and should have in the vision of bootstrap the same layout? is this really so abismally stupid or do I miss something?

  5. I get your basic point of ‘Bootstrap is a large file and slows web loading’; But I would like to see you prove that it does slow it down. It’s still an extremely small amount of data, and should load extremely fast- specially if the browser has the library already cached into it and is grabbed locally instead of over the internet.

  6. I think bootstrap is a good choice when we need to use multiple of its resources such as buttons, panels, carrousel, loadings, and so on… Build all that using pure CSS may be tricky, specially when there is time restrictions.

  7. Does your version use float, flexbox or css grid? If you say float, I'd say bootstrap 4 is flexbox and cross browser and better than your version. If you say css grid, I'd say you have a point.

  8. Well, bootstrap is more than just a shitty grid system. Seems we are only targeting that functionality of the framework. With that said, majority of the time that's why people are using it. I think more CSS devs need to make videos like this addressing the severe dependency many frontend devs have on CSS frameworks.

  9. I agree with everything you say and your reason for doing so though…. I have built a framework which builds sites. I have been a fullstack guy starting out in design 24 years ago. In periods of my life i have gone from focusing on backend to then focusing on front end. Spent most of my time building CMS's doing the lot.

    I know your speaking to the one site community but my framework allows people to build things super quick. Everything is parameter driven and i handle that in server generated code that mostly adds and removes classes based on options( like, show image on card or not, or what size of shadow is on the cards… ).

    I had to break all the points u mentioned in this video to allow me to have a flexible framework. That said, using a CDN and handling caching u can 'these days' provide an awesome experience at the larger file sizes.

    We are moving in one direction, space and performing being the case: aren't we at a day and age where a bootstrap site is not the point anymore… the last area of devils advocate being search engines rendering your site too slow and punishing you on microsecond speeds…

    I believe in one sentence questions, i have broken many rules as i get older hehe. I know you're busy but a good 'one on one' showing you this new CMS idea i have almost built, i would love your feedback. BTW – this is the 10th CMS i have build in 24 years. Perhaps even a 10 min skype chat for a show and tell, i just appreciate your view point on code.

  10. Design Course,

    I have one question for you. You do realize most of the file size comes from images? If you compress your image sizes this will make your bootstrap site fast enough on all platforms. will literally reduce my image file size by 75%.

  11. There is logic. but you only applied css in one place. If you had to reuse this code, you would end up defining classes and more classes.

  12. since the implementation of css flexbox is strong in browsers, there is no reason to use bootstrap-gird system.
    Also bootstrap requires you to write long messy class names that are hard to read and debug. I would say to any front-end designer to learn css well before going into other frameworks, because css is the bread and butter of front-end work, and javascript comes at the second place.

  13. The single biggest reason to use bootstrap in my opinion is that you dont have to maintain the css code in your application yourself (apart from some minor customizations)! It's a huge time saver and as you know, time is money. Sure you need to learn the common css classes and markup to use, but that is far easier and faster than learning all the intricate details of pure css when you want to have a responsive and cross browser compatible website or application (including support for some legacy browsers).

    Granted you will become a better web developer if you learn how to code everything in css yourself, but in the real world you can't spend too much time building a new css framework for every new project. The employer usually expects results, fast. Either you will reuse some generic css library you coded yourself or you will use one from a 3rd party that is already tried and tested by thousands of other developers before you.

  14. This video is so bad on so many levels. Bootstrap in not grid system only. It covers a lot of Daily frontend problems like: making all components from scratch, cross browser compatibility, including polyfills etc.

  15. It depends on how much time you have. If you have lot's of time then do from scratch, if not, why not use a complete bundle of many ready-made components from Bootstrap. I love Bootstrap and it's features for browser friendly UI layouts.

  16. If you use BootStrap SASS, you can choose which part of BootStrap you want to import and reduce the size of output CSS. If you are not using SASS, you probably want to close this channel and take some design course first.

  17. Bulma, really?
    Did you checked it’s size?
    Bulma.min.css – 186kb and when you use it you need to write huge custom css file.
    I recommend everybody to try native bootstrap(without jquery) package wich have good docs, and use gzip compression via webpack 4 plugin.
    And also use sass version bootstrap, where you can include bootstrap components only that you need in your project.

  18. File size is laughable when caching and only loading once. Even knowing how to code custom, bootstrap saves a ton of time. Why reinvent the wheel? Why worry about media queries? Bootstrap already solves most of the problems you will forget to code.

  19. You're right, totally just your opinion. But I gotta disagree.
    One, your example was really incomplete. You were looking at pulling in, either, the entire Bootstrap minified CSS or using another tool to attempt to pull out only the selectors you were using. Another approach would be to build your CSS from source and only pull in the parts that you actually need. Granted, there is a possibility that some CSS/selectors that you might not need are included, given the structure of how the SASS is grouped in source.
    Two, your "Yes" reasons are poorly chosen. "Bad at design… and unwilling to hire designer … and won't buy stuff" I've worked on projects that we did pay a designer to create the UI and a professional group to convert the design to CSS/HTML. The result was a load crap. Poorly written CSS and HTML. I've switched it out to use Bootstrap and the result was LESS CSS and LESS file size. Even with a decent of custom CSS for the project.
    Three, "Don't use it in production" Seriously? This just sounds like an attempt to force or shame people/groups for not always using a "professional" designer to create the HTML/CSS.
    But, this is just my opinion.

  20. I am still using bootstrap for couple of reasons:
    1. Quick system development
    2. Easy to use and overriding Sass Variables and theming
    3. For js/angular based component. Ex: ngx-bootstrap
    4. Better gris system
    5. Huge collection of utility classes
    6. And many more.

  21. I am still using bootstrap for couple of reasons:
    1. Quick system development
    2. Easy to use and overriding Sass Variables and theming
    3. For js/angular based component. Ex: ngx-bootstrap
    4. Better gris system
    5. Huge collection of utility classes
    6. And many more.

  22. The last questions hit me lmao, am bad at it and is lazy to make up to it, but as a change i might try learning css "again".

  23. Using bootstrap is not a most but it can get you out of trouble sometimes and you can always use the sass version as a starting point. I`ve learned a lot just by reading the bootstrap source and i`m using some parts of it, grid system for example.

  24. If you make a small projects (like 2 to 3 pages only, without forms etc) than YES, no need for bootstrap. But If you work on any product which we've hundred of pages ( thousand of components 😛 ) than we must use bootstrap!!
    Because, Bootstrap isn't just a CSS but group of components that we use in project!


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