Interior Design – A Fresh Take On Traditional Style


Designer Emily Griffin takes a modern approach to traditional style in a young family’s home. See how she puts a contemporary spin on antiques, dark wood and classic design elements.

The home’s entryway welcomes with a patterned rug and repurposed chair, providing a taste of what’s to come. A piano room that doubles as a cocktail room is the perfect place for the family to entertain and play music. An old English pedestal table in the adjacent dining room offers contrast to a modern, high-lacquered walnut credenza, while a hand-painted treatment on the walls gives the effect of fallen leaves. Emily gave the kitchen a quick update with new pendant lights, drapes and kid-friendly chairs in the breakfast area. A palette of orange, wheat and grey hues warms up the family room. Upstairs, the luxurious principal bedroom features cherry-blossom wallpaper, a fireplace and a large silk rug underfoot.

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  1. My ultimate dream home, how breathtaking, so refreshing from the mid century or Scandinavian designs, classic and fresh, perfect!

  2. Wow , ulta modern minimalist used to be my thing , but this has soul. , depth and warmth ! Definitely the way to go in period properties !!

  3. I'm in love with this take on traditional interior design. I'm absolutely smitten with the master bedroom!!!!!🌬️💯💕🍸

  4. Gorgeous home!! I too am no fan of “mid century modern” – I’m old enough to remember that period and always thought it looked (and felt) uncomfortable and overly angular then. My home is furnished with dark cherry in Federal and Georgian styles, need help with updating so as not to look like “grandmas house”. The white paint/fabrics help a lot.

  5. Didn’t like, though it’s inoffensive. The family room was actually unattractive. It was all rather predictable and banal, just like a Sears catalog, prosaic. Too much white, too much tertiary tones of taupe and gray. The flowers on the mantel were so beautiful and ephemeral. Didn’t like the chandeliers in the kitchen; Trendy but unrelated to the style of the kitchen. I’m the only one that didn’t say it was beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with it, it was just so ubiquitous.

  6. am I the only one bothered by her deliberate mispronunciation of words like decor and project? Is this an attempt to sound foreign? I'm not feeling it


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