Inter 2-1 Fiorentina | Eriksen Makes Inter Debut in Inter Win! | Quarter-final | Coppa Italia


Christen Eriksen, Ashley Young, and Victor Moses all played a part in Inter Milan’s Coppa Italia match against Fiorentina | Coppa Italia

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  1. Conte knows what he's doing. If you ever follow Conte Chelsea, you know he's building a similar team. He used to play 343 and now he's playing 3412. Major transfer so far this window for Inter is Moses and Young, both players played as full backs and wingers, suitable for wing back and have high workrate, intelligence to run forth and drop back.3412 is a formation which when u are defending, you have 7 defenders, and waiting for counter attack. When you attacking, you have 5 players to high press in the final third with 2 CM/CDM cover for them

  2. Gosh Conte and Inter are serious! They don't waste time in the transfer market at all. Juventus watch out! Wish Manchester United could make swift transfers like Inter:((

  3. Eriksen need to join with the big club like inter, not like his previous club, he's best player but his previous club is a cheerleader FC, only makes fun in Premier League, winning the title is not their mission.

  4. So many people deep throating conte. Inter are years from being a european elite. A few premier league rejects don’t make you a top team


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