Inside Wilder vs Fury II, Part 1 | PBC ON FOX


Undefeated heavyweight champions Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury begin their training and preparation for their upcoming championship bout.

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Inside Wilder vs Fury II, Part 1 | PBC ON FOX



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  1. Fury is looking big and strong.
    If he’s sharp, Wilder is in trouble.
    He was only able to stun wilder and sow him down last time, if wilder is getting stunned badly and hurt while being outboxed by a different style from last time….
    WBC Champ Tyson Fury

  2. They ARE not the two best HW in the world. AJ has still proven himself a great deal more than both of them. Talk about selling the fight. Either way – Everyone knows that Fury won the fight, corrupt arse judges in the US, what is the point, should be hosted elsewhere.

  3. Hope I am wrong, but I think Fury is losing this one fairly: if those guys are trying to change his punching dynamics to generate more power I am pretty sure they will naturally affect his stance and feet, with a guy like Wilder being more squared or heavy on your feet to generate more power does not seem, on paper, as a clever strategy

  4. I genuinely like and love both of these boxers. Is been decades that I don’t care to watch a heavyweight boxing fight since Holyfield retired. Never cared for the Ucranian Brothers or Lennox.

  5. I think Fury is spending too much time with MMA dudes, training, etc., and not focused exclusively on this. I hope he's giving this rematch 100% or it's not going to end well for him.


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