Information Systems What is it? What does it mean?


In this video we discuss the meaning of Information Systems.

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  1. I've been a subscriber for a couple years now and my Psychology of Motivation just assigned this video to us. I was like "hey, I know that guy!" If you're wondering what this has to do with a psych class, everyone in the class is an IT major

  2. Im a senior majoring information systems, got one semester left, nothing learning much, i suck at programming. Just passing class just to get by. After college i still dont know what concentration i wanna go

  3. looking at the comments to see if you are the only one annoy by the fact he spend 6m talking about (how cares) before even answering the questions no you aren't the only one

  4. I am very interested in studing in an IT department but I am confused which subject to choose, because I like almost everything in it so its really frustrating to select one bachelor degree the university I will join in offers software engineering, computer engineering, information systems, network engineering, computer science. I would be glad if you just explain me which course is like more depanding and has high job value in near future and brief description about all. I would love to hear from you.

  5. I was looking into majoring in business information systems for my bachelors degree. Although I am not sure whether to do management information systems or operations and supply chain management. It would be great help if you could give me some clarity as to the difference of the two and whether I should just do a business administration degree at a uc. I am very confused at what to pursue and the salaries and employment rate for the three. Please help!

  6. Nice
    Um doing information systems
    My modules are business management ..information sys ..development software
    What jobs can I do combining business management and information systems ..without development software?

  7. that was a pretty good insight, thanks for the video. Am trying to enroll back to school to become a professional CIS yet am not good at math* any advice on, how to approach this?

  8. So are Computer Information systems and Information Systems the same? I am currently looking at colleges, and many only call it IS, and it seems like there is a focus on business. I just want to make sure I go into the computer oriented one.

  9. CIS grad here as of 12/15/18, job offer 5 days after graduating working with software support….NC at 45k(super low cost of living area)


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