I Was Burgled. House Break-in Story :(


The day my world was turned upside down 🙁

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  1. Once this guy broke into my house and tried to steal jewellery from 10 year old me
    I mean that's low stealing a ten year olds pocket money and jewellery

  2. I'm sorry now but considering that it was only burglary and thousands of them happen each day along with things that r much worse thi is a bit of an over reaction sooooooooo ya

  3. Install ZoneMinder on an old PC, connect a load of cameras, add your email address and set it to automatically start recording when it detects movement, and to email you so that you can watch it live from your phone whilst contemplating whether to call 999. If you connect it to a UPS (uninterruptible power supply), it will still function for about 30 minutes after they have switched off the electricity at the meter. The video files can be auto-uploaded to a file storage webservice in the background. So even if they steal the entire security system, you should still have footage of them on, say, Google Drive – or which ever webservice you prefer.

  4. I have had a scare before aswell someone lit newspaper on fire put it through my letter box and tried to burn my house down 🙁

  5. This is so late but oh well ! Look out in pawn shops ,eBay and more search the stuff up on them and if you find your object the police will track their IP address

  6. That happened to me, me and my mummy were sleeping in my granny's we came home the next morning and my windo and TV was. Smashed my mums car keys were away and my phone and iPad was away

  7. vile whoever did it should be ashamed of themselves and you need to be careful who you trust it was really strange what they took i'm really sorry deeply. Karma will come for them.

  8. I know the feeling Becca. You are a really beautiful young lady and I know exactly what you are going through. I got burgled today because one idiot in my house forget to lock the door one their way out. Then someone went into the house and stole all the laptops in the house, went to my bedroom and turned my room upside down and ransacked my cupboard and took my PS3 and every single one of my games. They went back downstairs and made their way into the living room and took the computer monitor and the home cinema dvd and they finally took my sisters radio and 4 pairs of my trainers. its a sick feeling that totally strangers have been into your house especially your bed room. Right now I feel like shit and I know exactly what you are going through. I hope you get better and recover from this very soon xxx

  9. My cousins car had been robbed with Christmas presents and as I am the manager they took the meeting paper etc. They took her water speakers and timetable but my adress and her adress were both leaked on she called the police and they done nothing although it was my cousin I feel disturbed to

  10. Hi Becca, thank you for sharing your experience and positivity, there was a burglary in my house on christmas eve and I lost everything I've ever owned. 🙁 It was so upsetting and the police haven't done a single thing and all of my stuff is on craigslist just being sold piece by piece and my insurance won't cover anything so I'm left with nothing but I felt hope when I saw this video and your moving on post so I hope to get to that point soon. I've also moved out because it's just scary to think someone's violated your privacy and thankfully I wasn't home when it happened…but thank you again for this video…it helps.

  11. This is just vile. People are disgusting and do anything for money. I'm new to your channel and I'm going to stay. Your so pretty, clever, kind and sting. You're so brave, if this happened to me, I don't even know what I'd do. Any way, it's quarter past eleven and I'm going to go to bed now, I'm getting very frightened. Stay strong.


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