How to Tweak Windows 10


How to Tweak Windows 10

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The Windows 10 Tweaker tool includes 20 major options:
Enable Windows Features
Disable Windows Features
Start Service
Stop Service
Enable Tweaks
Backup Drivers
Disk Cleanup
Reset Windows Update
System Restore
Scan and Repair
Uninstall Software
User Account Management
Exit the program
Restart the computer

You can get the script from this site.

Its always advisable to backup data before you use these types of scripts. Attention: You use this script at your own risk, I take no responsibility if you break your computer

I did not create this script, credit goes the the creator which can be found at this site:

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  2. I used this tweaker. I did something wrong. Now I have a constantly unidentified network. Connect via cable to the router. Other devices shared with this router work fine. I tried:
    – to restore the services to default: Win + R – msconfig – common – normal start – OK – restart.
    – CMD – netsh int ip reset, ipconfig /release, ipconfig /renew
    – I wrote the Network Address in the properties of the network adapter in the device manager.
    Did not help.
    I do not know what to do.
    Maybe someone will tell?
    Thank you.

  3. half of windows 10 s not needed for 95% of the users. that make the system very very heavy. who would believe windows XP on pentium 4 or even old celeron boot faster then win 10 with I7. Who need this? Bad

  4. This looks like the dodgiest piece of software I've ever seen, how this video popped up on my YouTube is a worry. Narrator sounds legit but the software looks like some half arsed script writing from the 90's.

  5. I've spent 1200$ on all Windows OS in windows history its really funny seeing a new age laptop running windows 95

  6. hey britec good morning. i have a little problem with my windows 10, it wont pass the dell logo unless i keep pressing the f3 key at start up pleas help.. THANKS

  7. Sorry But I wouldn't trust that program on my computer for nothing ! Probably a back door script hidden in there somewhere . Vietnamese software….Hmmmm


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