How To Setup Your Business Email in Gmail


Learn How to Setup Your Business Email in Gmail.

If you’re fed up with having to constantly switch between your business email account and you’re Gmail account this video is for you.

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to manage all your emails directly from your Gmail account in three simple steps:

In step 1 you will find out how to forward your business email to your Gmail account

In step 2, I will show you how to add your business email to your Gmail account

And in step 3, I’ll bring it all together and show you how to respond to your clients directly from Gmail using your business email address.


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  1. can we download mail from our company mail box to gmail? if we delete mail at company mail box then we found downloaded mail to linked gmail account?

  2. Thanks for this video. Everything works fine until I have to configure the new email account in Gmail. When I add my name and email address, unclick alias option and click next, I don't get the same configuration screen. Is this because I am using G-suite? Are there other instructions for a G-suite account? Thanks

  3. Thanks for this video! Can I mirror my Gmail with the host email so that if I delete an email from Gmail it will automatically delete it from the host email?

  4. Hello sir,
    I am following you from last 6 months & today I have one issue related to this video, why we can connect only 3 business emails in Gmail account??

  5. I have a new handyman business and I HATE the webmail program used through my website host. This video explained how to use my Gmail account for my business email PERFECTLY. THANK YOU!!

  6. Bro i was not received any verification from more then 1 month So, is there any solution i have to do to get my verification code of google my business


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