How to Safely Unlock Bootloader and Lock Bootloader of Asus Zenfone 5 Lollipop V


How to Safely Unlock Bootloader and Lock Bootloader of Asus Zenfone 5 Lollipop V (78/60/52)

Note 1- People who want to lock bootloader first you have to flash stock recovery of the version you are in eg if you are on lollipop .87 then you have to flash .87 recovery in fastboot/droidboot mode by giving command fastboot flash recovery recovery.img….after that you can lock bootloader…………………….if you directly lock bootloader while twrp is installed phone will brick…..

Note 2- People facing no camera issue after unlocking bootloader have to flash firmware to revive their camera back….download firmware from select Android as operating system and click on firmware and download the above firmware as per your SKU eg ww, tw or CH
And follow this video to install

This Tool Works for Both KitKat And Lollipop firmwares….

Thanks to DEVILBOYNV XDA Developer for the Tool
Click on Below Link to Download Unlock Bootloader Tool-

Quick Tip- If you are Planning to revert back to Stock Rom from Custom Rom You can do that by watching the below Video
“How to Unbrick/ Fix Bootloop Asus Zenfone 5” to revert back to Stock Rom

To Root your Asus Zenfone 5 Lollipop click on the Link Below-

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  1. Zenfone 5 install Nougat Lineage 14.1 and convert SD card to Internal Memory (Guys Now My Phones Internal Memory is 64GB)

  2. I installed drivers and in PC it shows driver installed successfully but when I see in device manager it shows no driver installed plz say solution bro

  3. Hey bro nice video.But please help me,How to fix my Asus Zenfone Go 5.5(Android lollipop) stuck at Asus logo.I hope u can help me sir :).

  4. bhai I need help.
    My zenfone 5 is stuck at the ASUS logo of device and nothing is turning up. It happened it suddenly many system app stopped working in my phone. How to recover my phone?

  5. I faced some problem. No connection. My phone already on droid mode and connect with USB(CMD is running). But nothing happen. On phone just showed 'FASTBOOT CMD WAITING', and on pc showed 'waiting for device'. Waited about 10 minutes but still nothing happen. How long need to waiting?

  6. hello. If my camera/pone freezes after unlock, it means that i'm stuck with stock rom only? there is absolutely nothing to do to "escape" from stock rom?

  7. Its not working for camera fixing. I tried everything from cm14 to stick kitkat and locked my bootloader. Still camera error. I tried lollipop but didnt work. I hope someone in YouTube will post a tutorial for cm14 camera errror to stock kitakat that shows camera fix. There will be huge views for that because almost all got this problem.

  8. Hi sir can I use this procdure on my asus zenfone go 5.0 ,thank you,if none can you give me ,intruction for that. Thank so much

  9. Hi Kevin – I have uninstalled Xposed module from my zenfone 5. Is it safe to lock bootloader directly or do i need to follow any process? I am using Asus Zenfone 5 Lollipop V


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