How to run Turbo C++ 4.5 in Windows 8.1,8,7 x64 bit


Here is a small tutorial on how to run turbo c++ 4.5 (as used in most CBSE schools) on latest x64 bit operating systems;
Important Links:-
1. Virtual Box”
2.Turbo C++ 4.5 Links from different sources



  1. Should I download before VirtualBox and then can I download and install TURBO C ++ for Windows 32-bit? Will everything work correctly? I will be able to write the two characters # and { ??

  2. Hi, my operating system is Windows 7 32 bit with Firefox browser installed. I
    installed the Borland Turbo C ++ 3.0 software together with DOSBOX 0.74
    and then later I tried with the 3.2, the problem was not the
    installation but this ended successfully but the problem occurred with
    the writing of the symbols # is {.
    I tried in many different ways but did not appear on the interface to understand where the code was written. I can not figure out what the problem is about, my keyboard works fine and writes any font that is displayed to any text editor. I do not understand why the problem is found in TURBO C ++. I thought the browser might be the cause or the S.O which is quite recent. By expert tell me how I can fix the problem. Thank you


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