How to Play NASUS TOP for Beginners | NASUS Guide Season 10 | League of Legends


How to Play NASUS TOP for Beginners | NASUS Guide Season 10 | League of Legends is focused on playing Nasus and the purpose of this video is to explain the essentials of how to play Nasus and why he is a great Top laner to play, if you are new in the Top role. Remember to Like, Comment & Subscribe!
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  1. Damn your guide is helpful dude!
    You have fantastic narration skills imo keep up the good work!
    Just gained another sub <3

  2. sounds like a good champ, I play Yorick a lot which relies on last hitting the minions and sounds like a fun champ to play other than him

  3. Cheers mate, just getting back into league after a 5 year break 😂😂😂 This will definitely help improve my game!

  4. What elo was this, that Cass was bad for not abusing the fk out of you early and also you thought Iceborn gauntlet gives MR lmaoo wtf

  5. hey guys today we're going to be playing nasus (PINGS) he's (PINGING) a (PING INTENSIFIES) fun (MOAR PING) top (WE ARE STILL PINGING) laner

  6. Im stuck in bronze…i always carry thw game..and if i dont most of the time we lose…and now with this guide ima learn how to play nasus and crush it in ranked…bruh thanks for the vid itll help alot in my rank sessionn

  7. "This game was only mid gold to early plat rank, so guess that's why" so you telling me these players are garbage in comparison to bronze? because that's all I read there…. I cant believe how easy that was for you… I would've been poked so hard its not even funny… watching this legitimately made my blood boil because you where literally not faced with any set back or issues yet you're a higher elo then me, ranked is a damn joke guys… hated watching this video straight up, I came here to look for a way to win and I watch you with less challenge then me like tf… show me a damn nasus vs sett, or yasuo or even teemo…. get out of here with that cass

  8. goodness I can tell you're not american or that English was not your first language lol phage=page love it haha not making fun I just love the mistake it sounds funny.

  9. Why do you pronounce everything so weird? Phage is fage not page and cassiopeia is cass see oh pee a..not whatever you said.

  10. Hey that really helped so thank u + I noticed that ur English sounds like mine and I am from Denmark are u from Denmark 🇩🇰

  11. When I started playing Susan I wish I had a guide like this to help out it would have been a nice, also never thought of using RG thank you for taking the time to create a good guide. Can also testify if you hard win your lane you can bring your team with you to the victory screen as long as they dont give up had our adc leave for a couple of minutes and after they returned their support dc'd for the match. Thanks for reading the Ted talk now show the creator some love and hope you dont get camped by the enemy jg and have a bad early game ladies and gents.

  12. Great video! Thanks mate. I'm sure it will definitely improve my game. I am a new player and can't find any other champions I like, yet. Any recommendation for me? I LOOVE Nasus 🙂

  13. afew things came to my mind:
    1. this cassiopia is really bad player , in high elo games nasus just poke to death and he can't play the game unless he really knows how to play. i saw 0 pokes from cassiopia not even autoattacking
    2. i myself start the game with that 350 gold mana item to get my sheen as fast as i can . i think it's a better start because you have the life steal passive anyway and you save a bit gold
    3.i am not a fan of resolve and insparation page anymore , i mean i used to but not now . the extra ad and healing you get from conquere makes you abit stronger in early game and the healing later on , i also go present of mind for extra mana so i don't have to always manage my mana later on in the game
    4. in this game i belive max w 2nd was a good idea because extra ms cassio gets and she has some cc with her R

    beside these that was my personal oppinion i think you farm , you laning phase and mana management are pretty good , i liked the play 🙂

  14. It's important to keep the push going even if your team is falling behind. Most of the time I pressure so hard the jungler will come top opening drag for take, and I always keep the top laner top rather than roaming. Apply pressure to relieve pressure 🙂


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