How to Play Jarvan Jungle in Season 9! Gameplay Guide – League of Legends


One of the best junglers for solo queue right now!
➥Only get stronger when you die!
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  1. Nice video but i instead of relentless hunter i'd rather use ultimate hunter since ms really isnt that important to me and locking people with JIV ulti is more important and i would also take coup de grace instead od triumph yeah triumph is nice and all but ganking low health targets becomes so much better with cdg

  2. that match is pretty suck and your game skill is real shit pls workout our fking game skill okey or you can't catch this fking shit

  3. Hey Foxdrop, i was just looking for the vid in which you show some tricks with vi, gragas and jarvan. Just fantastic micro plays like jarvan's e-q in one direction then flash in another direction but i cant find it, can you link it? 😀 Ty for amazing content

  4. I feel like that was a bad game, you missed so many e q's, they werent even dodging. Its like every j4 i come up against the other lanes int there faces off, which is what happened. You should have titled it Play Jarvan, enemy will int for no reason

  5. Please always do remind me to like the videos though. I hope you don't think I'm being sarcastic, I genuinely forget until you remind me! Every. Single. Time.


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