How to paint hair digitally for beginners + make a custom hair brush in photoshop


Digital painting hair in photoshop + how to make a custom hair brush. Basic easy video / tutorial for beginners.

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  1. Can you do one for mouse users? I’m really struggling with hair because I cannot find a good solution to making realistic hair with a mouse 😫


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  3. This was a terrific help! I'm about to redo the hair I've been working on using this… after weeks of trial & error using standard brushes. Cheers mate!

  4. This is actually really great! I'm going to try and color hair with details like this for the first time instead of just using a fill bucket and leaving it completely bland lol. I'll try this technique, thanks for the video!

  5. I've been looking for a way to paint hair and I found your technique looks pretty nice. Thank you for taking time out and helping others that are trying to achieve these results especially when they never drew hair in their life >.<

  6. Thank you… I can't even express to you how difficult and how much I have paid, downloaded, studied and can't get it right and you nail it soooo fast with the perfect created brush. Your gallery is fantastic on DA too… Bravo!

  7. I just wanted to sy how thankful I am for this video! I love it.. Very simple way to draw hair and I been looking for a video like this for months! thank you again 🙂

  8. I hate tutorials like this. People don't say that they aren't using a mouse or that they are cuz I'm having a hard time trying to do this with a mouse, and NO ONE SAYS THEY'RE USING A MOUSE OR A COMPUTER DRAWING PAD!!!

  9. Now this is a very easy method, I use Gimp but it still has the same tools and PS, anyway thanks for making this tutorial.


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