How to Install Windows 7 WITHOUT Boot Camp on El Capitan


Windows 7/Windows 8.1 Drivers:

Bootcamp 5.1.57

Bootcamp 5.1.5621

Bootcamp 5.0.5

Support info:



  1. That didn't work because the USB/Disc doesn't show up on boot (yes I press alt)
    I have a MacBook Air 13" Early 2015
    Windows 10 on BootCamp flickers AF, that's why I try to install Windows 7 but since Mojave works only with Windows 10, I have to bypass it. And still, it doens't work
    Yeah, having a MacBook Air is a nightmare for these things…

  2. I wait about one hour and it's still showing windows is loading files – my mac has two partitions (OS X lion and Mountain Lion Developer Preview) MacBook Plastic Mid 2010

  3. I am using a 2013 Mac book, I cannot type anything nor the keypad works either. … do I actually need an external USB keyboard and mouse to install? ??? apple man! !!

  4. Which mouse/keyboard did you used to insert the PC username and password? minute 5:05 I cannot move forward because Windows doesn't recognize the apple's keyboard and mouse.
    I tried to connect an usb mac keyboard and a logitech usb mouse and doesn't work either.. I see that the usb ports doesn't recognize the mouse because even the light of the mouse is off.
    The Dvd player that i used is the MAC usb one..
    I have a MacBook Pro (with Retina 15", Mid 2014 model)
    how can i solve this?

  5. This is soo much better than using bootcamp utility…
    Thank you so much brother…
    you are awesome…
    you are genius…

  6. hi adddictedtomacintosh, I have a problem when I reboot with externall drive I receive this message: Insert a bootable drive and press any key. which is the problem?

  7. My mouse and keyboard are disabled on the install menu i only have a mouse with bluetooth how can i fix this pls help


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