How to Install the Community Patch, Mods and Modded weapons for Borderlands 2 #PumaTutorials


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Hey guys, back with another video and today, I figured I would go over how to install gun mods that are apart of ShadowEvil’s Community Patch Method for the PC. I noticed a couple of people in some of my previous videos requested that I make a video like this, so i figured I would go ahead and do so. Like all Community Patch Mods, they are only available for PC. In general, the process is very simple and once you get a hang of copying and pasting code from the community Github page, you’ll be making your own custom patches in no time.

Hex Workshop Hex Editor:

Rick’s Gibbed Save Editor for Borderlands 2 (Revision 256):

Borderlands 2 Community Patch/Community Mods Github Page:

Borderlands 2 Patcher Link:



  1. i did everything you say and i dont know if its worked but when i type exec mod.txt (thats how i call it) i get this "say exec mod.txt" and it says what i typed in chat

  2. ummm what if in the text string "say" is not found then ? what should i do ? except when disable match case it found it but it spelled like SAY


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