How To Install BorderLands 2 Skidrow PC


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Torrent For Borderlands 2:


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  1. I have a question, i downloaded the skidrow version of borderlands 2, does hotfixes automatically apply when i have internet? Or its just for the OG version.

  2. you are such huge noobs you dumbass kids, can´t even follow instructions from skidrow..
    I shouldn´t be mean, but you will learn a lot when you grow up ..

  3. i hve problem with the crack because i cant log in into the rapidshare. is there any alternative to get the crack? Thx

  4. I saved and launched and the screen opened up.  i clicked play, but there was an error, the application cannot be found.

  5. Что хочу русский язык.                    Переводчика мне живо.


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