How to install and configure Laravel 5.5 with Bootstrap 4


Learn to configure and use Bootstrap version 4 with Laravel 5.5. I assume you already know about Laravel and Bootstrap. You will learn to use PHP 7 and how to upgrade it.



  1. Save time
    Step 1:
    Run command "npm install bootstrap" as told by bootstrap in

    Step 2: Set the path of bootstrap in app.scss which is at resourcesassetssass
    which becomes @import "~bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.css";

  2. i created separate file and and then used bootstrap class in it ,classes are not working.only created files bootstrap is working and even if i make some changes in those class that also applies to it.what can be the problem

  3. I cannot use npm run dev after changing the required('bootstrap-scss") to required('bootstrap").

    it says "Can't resolve popper.js"

    can someone help me please

  4. Well done, thanks! Works perfect now.
    Update: Bootstrap's JavaScript doesn't seem to work:
    VM2077:1 Uncaught TypeError: $(…).dropdown is not a function
    * at <anonymous>:1:23*

    jQuery however works fine:

    [a.nav-link.dropdown-toggle, prevObject: jQuery.fn.init(1)]

    Any idea how to properly include Bootstrap's JavaScript code?


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