How to fix Borderlands 2 not starting up (Cracked versions)


I’ll be showing you how to fix your Borderlands 2 if it’s not starting up.
All you really need to do is download Steam before installing Borderlands 2.
The borderlands I downloaded was from Skidrow.
Skidrow’s Borderlands 2:



  1. downloaded the exactly same skidrow game…did as you said, but still doesn't work. The cursor just loads for a few seconds and nothing happens!

  2. First make sure Steam is installed on your computer and updated to latest version. However, don't sign in. Then install Borderlands 2, Copy Crack and Run in Windows Compatibility Mode – Windows 7, if using Windows 8 or 10.

  3. OMG i LOVE YOU !!!! Thank You very much for that video. It helps me so mutch. I had no idea that Skidrow's "Programm" need Steam to run. You save my day 😀 TY

  4. ,,Failed to find default engine . ini to retrieve My Documents subdirectory to use . Force Quitting'' Any help please ? i did everything to fix this , even downloading a engine . ini , but this didn't help , i will be grateful if you could help me with this , ty 🙂

  5. can you please send me the skidrow crack only??

    i use DJ but it says that i need steam.api

    please put crack only (:

  6. you suck man i know how and where to put the crack i wasnt looking for that…when i moved over the crack the game wont start.

  7. None of my old torrented games work anymore???
    Installed on a new machine, not played them for a year or so…. has steam updated itself to kill these cracks?

  8. "Failed to find default engine .ini filetoretrieve My Documents subdirectory to use.Force quitting. " What can i do?

  9. I try to launch the game and literally nothing comes up. what do i do? ive had borderlands 2 multiple times but i always ended up deleting it but this time i dont wanna… always the same thing happens. first it runs perfectly. htne it starts lagging. it becomes worse and worse. then i quit for whatever reason then i cant launch it again. i never download the same program from the same site so that cant be the problem.

  10. Already had steam. Missing D3D9.dll, downloaded, changed System32 file and put the D3D9 in my Borderlands 2 directory, nope. Reinstalled all redist programs, nope. Restarded the computer trice, nope. Prostituted myself, nope. Reinstalled the game, NOPE. Re-cracked the game, double nope. NOPE NOPE NOPE. Can't get it to work, whatever I do. I"m reall mad because it's the 4th torrent I get to try, all of them SKYDROW, and none got to work. Funny, because most of my cracked games are SKYDROW and they are working. Also, no, It's definetly not my PC because seriously, I could run Battlefront III.

  11. when use skirdow i start it up and it sends me to steam instead of the game and when i put the files in it dosent start up pls help

  12. SANK U SANK U SANK U :D… really thanks a lot… spent hours trying to get this right….. fyi> if it's still not working, you might want to check the compatibility mode ( if you made changes trying to fix it) and make sure it's on Windows XP Service Pack 3.. Also after you apply the changes, you'd want to un-check the box that says " Run this program in Compatibility mode for." Again thanks

  13. Dude i already had steam on my computer, i put the crack in the right place and did everything as instructed but i still can't get the game to start.
    any ideas?
    ty for the steam tip


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