How to find broadcast domain and collision domain in a network

This video will teach you how to find the number of broadcast and collision domain in a given network.

New video uploaded Jan 2015.
Basic IP addressing

Static, Dynamic and Default Routing

Spanning Tree Protocol: Block Port Determination.



  1. Good explanation, but there will be no broadcast between the two routers . Because the routers drops the broadcast signal.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you! Very well and simply explained! No wasted sentences or nonsense; gosh I wish more instructive videos were like this. I have literally watched over 7 of them and finally got to yours, where your videos was the only one that laid it out simply and easy. Thank you sir!

  3. Nice explanation. Now assume in the last example where hub, router and switch was created we have created interface vlan 2,3,4 in left most router. How many broadcast and collision domain will be there ?


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