How To Disable Flipboard Briefing – Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge


Flipboard briefing is one of those apps that you either love or hate. This video is for both types. Want to show or not show that homescreen on the Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge. (technically works on all Samsung phones)

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  1. I did exactly as you said. I can send you a screen shot that shows on the briefing screen it is in the "off" position. I am still getting the annoying notifications. Now what??

  2. Many thanksnesses =)
    On my S7 Edge, I am also trying to find out how to make my screen scrolling continuous. My S5 did that smoothly, once I disabled Flipboard on it. This one seems like it doesn't want to. I know you mentioned different carriers having different settings for that, but I'm hopeful. 😀
    Is there any possible solution there I may be missing?
    Thankness for your time, efforts & patients.
    Take care & stuff!

  3. Thanks for the info and before I could attempt this my battery died and after charging it everything is back to normal 😎 thankfully but it wasn't the best time for it to happen as I was on the road with no music 😐 it made for a interesting ride home though 😉

  4. The Briefing screen is gone but I keep getting the constant notifications of liberal biased news stories and I want them gone. Please help.

  5. I turned it off and I am still getting notifications for it. lol. Why didn't these companies learn with the whole U2 on the iphones, or the free windows 10 upgrade that people don't like being force fed?

  6. Except that I still get updates about the news in my recent events that I have to keep clearing out. How do I shut off these headline updates.


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