How to create mega menu in Drupal using TB Mega Menu module


A tutorial video for our latest Drupal module: TB Mega Menu. TB Mega Menu is a Drupal module allows you to create mega menus at ease, it has innovative UI and built on Twitter Bootstrap framework.

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  1. Fantastic! It's a pitty this module is not yet in stable version. Any ideas of when a stable version will be released?

  2. We are waiting for a month now on help to our error and nobody from Themebrain is responding and helping!

  3. Is it possible for TBMM to spawn a photo related to link in a menu? i.e. a list of links, and as one is hovered over, a photo appears next to it (or pops up).

  4. A small question is not relative to your speech. I saw a module right right on the page which is able to make Facebook, rss, and something like those. What do you install this module. Your sound with your explanation is low tone, strong voice and explicit point on each tip of TBmega. Your sound is really like Santa Claus.

  5. I cant find TB mega menu settings in Structure page. I installed and enabled TB mega menu. but i cant figure out the settings. Please help me.

  6. This kind of things makes me love the Drupal Community even more. Thanks ! Installing it right now 🙂

  7. Good module needs more config options for style. Need any maintainers ? I would not mind adding a few features.

  8. Great now how do I change the default style to verticle not horizontal. It runs down my side bar grouping several things per line.

  9. Hi there,

    Really like the module. But I have a multilingual site, so I was wondering, if there is a way to get the translated main menu to show in the TB Mega Menu as well?
    Right now, it stays in the default language, no matter what site I access and

    If you could help, I would be very happy 🙂

  10. Well the TB Mega Menu shows promise, however, I have menus in Main menu created from taxonomies.

    When I create my columns for long lists it puts the list in TB MM in reverse order instead of alphabetical order once menu design is saved.

    I list my links in the main menu and they are still alphabetical, however, TB menu renders menu items for submen on front-end in reverse order and/or out of order.

    I have a list of 130 cities and break columns into 6 with 21 items to column to keep grid within limitation of total grid size to 12.

    There is no option in TB MM config  to re-order list/column in A-Z or Z-A to correct the problem in TB MM config display when editing the menu.

    Would like to see a feature in the TB MM config mode that would allow you to re-order the list in each column so it displays correctly on the front-end display.

    Platform: Windows 7 Pro
    Development Platform: xampp-win32-1.8.3-4-VC11 with Drupal 7.3x-x
    Theme: Danland 
    Modules: Most popular being used in Drupal with only required enabled for theme and TB MM

  11. this module doesn't work at all, it doesn't save any changes, like a whole bunch of mudules that comes with D7, there were times when D6 was and it was good times.

  12. Hai, TB Mega Menu is a great Drupal module~

    TB Vertical Mega Menu can customize by CSS

    for example:

     /*Fix the width to ensure the next item jump to below */
    .tb-megamenu { 
        width: 150px;

     /*Fix the width to ensure the next item jump to below */
    .tb-megamenu-item {
        width: 150px;

     /Moving the Sub Menu position/
    .tb-megamenu-submenu {
        width: 150px;
        margin-left: 150px;
        margin-top: -50px;

  13. Ok, so there is NO "Menubar" region when going to Structure/Blocks.  Is this a part of the theme?  If so, what theme includes the Menubar?  I'm using the latest Drupal 7 with the default theme and there is no "Menubar" option in the select box for Blocks.  I can't get this menu to show at all.  Such a shame because it looks promising, but without a Menubar region to put it into, doesn't look like it will be able to show.

  14. Hi,

    Actually, I am new with Drupal. Just like to ask is this module works fine with any themes, especially a customisation theme?


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