How to create and publish a website from scratch in just 10 minutes using bootstrap studio


In this video, I show you how you can create a website from scratch using Bootstrap Studio, and publish it for free with Microsoft Azure, all in just 10 minutes. Did I mention I also integrated it with GitHub for Continuous Deployment at the same time?

Here is the URL of the site in the video:

Here is my GitHub repository URL:

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  1. Thank you so fucking much man!!! You just helped me to export the files, so i can do some bacis grounds in boostrap studion and then edeting in visual studio!!!!!!!!THAAAAAANK YOUUUUUU!!!!! Im so happy now man lol haha you the best!!!!!!

  2. Website didn't upload. Microsoft Azure just says when I click on my azure domain "You app service app is up and running" and that's it. Didn't publish it at all. Please help.

  3. Nice I was just thinking this morning how it would be nice to be able to do drag and drop components based website building and then I see bootstrap studio. Are you able to create your own components for that editor or only use those that come bundled in. Do you have to use bootstrap or can you do your own css? I will look this up.


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