How to Bulk Email from a Personal Gmail Account!!


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This is a great way for people just starting out to make good money with email marketing.

The only downside is that you can only send 2,000 emails per day.

Anything above that and you’ll need an autoresponder like Aweber or GetResponse.

Make $100 per day or more with simple affiliate marketing.

It’s push button simple.

Write an email and click SEND.



  1. The technique shown here is interesting but I have a question. How do you filter out Canadian emails? The "CANSpam" act can be a 40K fine per email, and it is very fuzzy about what qualifies as "spam". It is certainly not a risk I would wish to take. How do you deal with it? Or do you?

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  6. Awesome tips! Ah ha moment for me 😉 Question: What's if quite a number of these recipients mark you as SPAM, will it get your Gmail Account terminated?

  7. Brendan Mace all your videos are best as it goes honest i like it lot .can ou pls tell me wile sending email as we put links .in gmass can we put direct affiliate linking or they only allowed links with landing page

  8. Hello Brendan. Great video. I just followed your advise. Where can I buy subscribers at a reasonable price ?(USA, France) … Too many scam site out there

  9. gmass is not free now. I went all the process but, once i pressed "send" button, it redirected me to the "payment page" 🙁

  10. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAMMER! who charges $1997 for his “all done for you” offer that will guarantee you $10,000 per month in 30 days and $24,000 per month in 3 month. He also guarantees that he will send traffic to your sales funnel and a lot of other things that never materialized. Of course, he refuses to refund your money after you purchase his garbage and realize that none of these “guarantees” are true. Thankfully, the “course” has been removed from Warrior+ for obvious reasons. E-mail me at VITALI@USNOTESLLC.COM if interested in additional details.

  11. Hey Brendan thank you for this awesome content on using Gmass. I never heard about this before. Interesting indeed. Thanks again!!

  12. Nice video. Is there something you should do to "warm up" a new gmail suite account before emailing? Or can I immediately begin using this?

  13. Hi bredan, but my gmail only allows me to send a maximum of 100-150 emails . so i had to get through that before install Gmass

  14. Dude it ask for SMTP which we have to purchase from another server. Like sendgrid as they promote it a lot. Which make it a lot expensive

  15. I'm 1.5 hours into trying to use GMass and came across this in their support docs: "If you use GMass to send spam, it’s likely that Google’s automated systems will be triggered and your Gmail account will be terminated." Terminate my gmail account!!?? That's unacceptable. For the next half hour I'll try to figure out how to avoid this problem. Setting up a new gMail account without account history, they say, may not work either. So, how do we handle this issue?

  16. I visit Frist time on this channel. I must say you are an honest person for giving such information. man thanks for sharing this valuable information Great.
    But people once also check Tejarat Marketing for bilk email sending.

  17. I set this up and added my 2000 addresses. The system said they can only send 480 at a time. So thats ok Then gmail blocked my account. Don't know if they are still taking my $8 monthly fee.

  18. Hi, Brendan, I have tried this a month ago and left disappointed. My first thoughts was: gmail should have good deliverability rate and all campaigns will go straight to the primary inbox section, this would cause good open and click rates.
    I have made research first on how many emails can be send using this technique, when you are not using gsuite, which should expand your limits to 2000. So using simple gmail account you can send 500 emails a day and that's a good number.

    However I've used this tool to send emails to a cold prospect list, which are targeted validated emails and the truth is,- you can't send more than 50 emails a day (at max). The problem we face here is that Google quickly realizes, that you are sending bulk emails campaign and not having a conversation with friends (as gmail is not created for business purpose at all). After Google catch you sending too much, they will restrict your smpt to stop sending in bulk for a reasonable time (usually 24 hours or more).

    One problem with gmass is: you can not set your own time stamp between each email. Yes the option not to use BCC field is good. Think about the speed: could you send 50 emails an hour to your friends? I dont' think so… So time should be expanded between each email send and I could not find such option in gmass.
    Yes, I did warm up my gmail account from start by sending just 10 to 20 emails a day and after a week increased the numbers.

     If Google will see you are constantly reaching limits and on the delivered emails is bad response: mark as spam/reports/blocks/bounces, then Google will permanently disable such gmail account for lifetime.

    Google cares about own reputation and wants to deliver the best user experience, they don't care about your online business at all. Might be you will get a different result using GSuite, but I'm saying all the facts I have experienced using this technique.
    My personal recommendation: I don't suggest anyone to use this for email marketing at all. Use gmail for personal conversations and use proper email marketing tools and email addresses for business purpose.

    Best luck for all of you in email marketing. Cheers.

  19. I am Frist time visit on your channel and i saw your This video and i say your the honest person man thanks for sharing this valuable information Great.


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