How to build and host a website for free with Bootstrap Studio


This video shows you the latest version of Bootstrap Studio 4.3.1 and how you can build a website using the free built in templates and publish them to a custom domain that you control and it hosts the site for you for free. And because it is using CloudFlare which is also free, you get free SSL too. How cool is that?

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  1. Hi Paul, thank you very much for this video – it's been very helpful to see in practice how a website can be published to a custom domain. I have a custom domain (with Namesco) that already hosts a website created using Moonfruit, but I'd like Bootstrap Studio to host it instead. I've followed Bootstrap Studio's tutorial as well as your video and completed CloudFlare's step on changing nameservers, but unfortunately Bootstrap Studio doesn't seem to recognise the DNS record for the domain in CloudFlare. Do you perhaps know if anything specific needs to be done on the domain registrar's side? Thanks!

  2. I love how silent is your keyboard! <3 It drives me nuts when they publish videos where nothing else is heard but a noise that could only match that of a mechanical typewriting machine's. …and for some reason at the remote always seems to disappear at that exact moment and you can't skip the video. 😵

  3. Do you have to transfer your custom domain to cloudfare before you can publish, or can you just add a CNAME from your domain manager, without transferring the domain?

  4. Paul, could you do a video on how you could take a design from Bootstrap Studio and add database features to it. Perhaps by importing the design into Visual Studio or otherwise. I am thinking of how I could use these wonderful layout tools and templates and build a data driven application thereafter. Thank for this video.

  5. I see that a content management system won't be needed on your end. But let's say a client wanted to eventually edit parts of the website (images, text) on their own, what would be the way for them to do that?


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