How to add facebook share and like button in a website


Adding a Facebook share and like button in your website is easy. Just create a Facebook Developer account and follow these simple steps.


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  1. How can I create a Facebook share button that can latter redirect the user back to my site after they must have share ?

  2. Hello Sir, awesome video. Is there a way to stylize the like button? How can I do the same function with a like button from font awesome as an example???

  3. Thanks you helped me figure this out.
    For shopify user. Copy the first part in theme.liquid (or the name of your theme) and the second part into the footer.liquid section. You will have to give it a few try to let it appear where you want it. Message me for more info

  4. Hello,
    i want to share some products that are generating dynamically.. please tell me how to use share button there by using

  5. Thanks for sharing this information.. Ok this is my issue. I got to the part where I was ready to copy the codes. Where I got lost is when you went over to the area where you put the codes in.. what is that area that you went to? did you go to your facebook page to ender the script codes? Am so confused right now. Please help me understand. Or do I post iin a certain area on my fb page.. Thanks in advance

  6. Hello, im using a php server website (not sure if it matters or not), and im having trouble to use the like/share button on multiple pages. Do I have to copy the script in each page I want to use it, or is there a smarter way to do this?


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